New toy!

No no… not *that* kind… *this* kind…

Anyone want to come for a ride? I’m an excellent driver… of course I don’t have my underwear…

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  1. slapshot: “I could be mistaken here but from the picture, it looks like the steering wheel is on the “wrong” side for Australia.”

    Oh my… you are so observant!! You were not mistaken, but you are now… it was flipped!

    “Oh … and YES, I'd love to go for a ride.”

    *grin* Great, I'll pick you up in an hour…


  2. Coug: “Red ones are faster…”

    Empirical evidence required before I will cede that point (you know it doesn't count if you have a red one and just drive too fast, right?!)!

    “…spiffy wheels though”

    And yes, the wheels are spiffy (that's a car term for all you people who might not understand it…).


  3. Anonymous: “You've got a fine looking car there.”

    Yes yes!!

    “Better question is, How fast have you taken her yet?”

    It's not how fast you go, it's how dangerously you drive that counts…


  4. Étienne: I am deeply in favor of new toys, Ma'am. I'm sure you will find my approval a very great relief.”

    I do, I do… phew… I hate to have to take back new toys…


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