Gasping for breath

She knew he would scream, so she brought her panties to his mouth and pushed them in, her fingers shoving the lace into his mouth until it was full.

She started to bite him, sinking her teeth through his flesh, sucking at it, chewing at the skin, creating a pattern on his body. He yelled into the gag, writhing in protest under her assault. When she had made enough marks on his body to please her, she turned her attention elsewhere.

She brought her breast to his mouth, he reached for it even though the best he could do was to brush his lips against her skin. She leaned further against his face, covering his nose with her breast and holding it firm against him. She held his head still and pressed harder against him, at first he just wanted to feel her against his face, but then he was trying to breath against her skin, trying to suck in air. She held his face close against her, cradling his head into her breast, he started to struggle, shaking his head and still she held him close. His body started to flail, his restrained arms pulling against the ropes, his legs kicking, his body jerking from side to side in an attempt to get free. She finally let him go, he sucked air into his nose, coughing through her panties, she pulled the panties out of his mouth and he convulsed with coughs as he pulled air into his lungs.

She covered his gasping mouth with hers and kissed him, he opened up to her mouth, still sucking for air, but wanting her kiss more than he wanted to breathe, reaching for her, harder and more, always wanting more and she kissed him and swallowed his breaths.

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