When we play

Hello bambi,

I enjoy you so much.

I like it when you tell me what is going on in your head in the moment when we are playing: that
you want to come, that you want to fuck me, that you are feeling/ thinking/ wanting things. I love
watching your face, and feeling how your body moves. I love your cock and that spot that always
wants attention. I adore your mouth, for kissing of course, but also for how it moves, how your lips
tense with concentration, how you grimace with pain, how your aggression shows there, how your
mouth opens to reach for me, how it softens, lips swollen, all receptive and soft and inviting.

I like also when you tell me things afterwards, and I always forget to ask you about it, to talk about
it. Like when you tell me ‘it’s nowhere near as much pain as I can take’ and ‘I like how you hurt me’
and how you manoeuvre for more which I find hot and sweet and hot. It all gives me a measure
(data!) of where you are, and it also reassures me and tells me how much more potential there is.

Guh… SO MUCH potential!!! Makes me just want to cut you into pieces and splatter you all over my
walls. That’s romantic, right?


Loves: 22
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  1. *laughs* Is the poor boy still alive, Ferns?!

    Or have you just eaten him up? (pun intended) ;-)

    Perhaps a post from him to let your dear readers know you haven’t given in to your sensualist cannibalistic desires!!

  2. And when do we get pictures of the pretty little boy?


    Preferably in chains and looking all ravished?!

  3. SO excited that this is going well :D …and well done for continuing to resist the urge to *actually* cut him up into pieces. He’ll last longer if you don’t!

  4. Yay!! I’m glad things went so well for you!! My cheerleading must have helped, okay maybe not but still, congratulations! But umm…. do we get to see the bloody walls? :)

  5. ahhhh all those twisty lil details that make the tingles happen… that’s so fucking romantic, I almost can’t stand it!

    bravo potential…

  6. When you do cut him to pieces lay down plenty of plastic first else the carpet will be ruined
    >.> <.<
    errrr so I umm you know heard

    from a guy

    down the pub

    who knew somebody

    who had a mate or something


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