The curious case of the disappearing blog

This blog was somehow deleted so was offline for a couple of days – I am still trying to work out how and why… (anti-sex-blog hacker? blogger admin? bored right wing Christian nerd?!)

Stick with me, I am not going anywhere.

You can tell me you missed me though… I like to be missed…


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  1. I definitely missed you. Particularly since Lucivar and I had a spot of drama, and I was without your frighteningly apt descriptions of how you/I feel about it!LOL(It’s seriously mildly disturbing how well you articulate things I am feeling at the same time from half the planet away)

  2. I have never commented here before, but the disappearance of this blog, combined with it’s return, have prompted a response.As a woman who is discovering her dominant side, I have enjoyed your blog more than any other. Your exquisite prose has opened my eyes to the beauty such a relationship can hold. I am happy to see you haven’t left for good.

  3. Anonymous: Thank you so much for your first comment! Discovering your dominant side is so exciting, and I am delighted that my writing is something that you can relate to. Truly delighted.Ferns

  4. Well done for sorting that out, Ferns. This sub can’t do without his regular trips deep into the psyche of femdoms . . .XXXXX

  5. Anonymous XXXXX: Thanks! A trip into the psyche of *this* femdom anyway…It’s nice to have you in there probing around. Don’t be poking too hard though, who knows what you might disturb!Ferns

  6. Hi Sx…yes amazing it just disappeared! Did you have trouble putting it back on??I am glad this means you must be saving things. It would be a huge loss if we lost your blogs!!Glad others have enjoyed and therefore missed your blogs too!!i think you are safely back home now but i hope your creativity and sheer nastiness does not abate!!xxx amusoman

  7. amusoman: Thanks for your note, I am glad to be back! Fingers crossed I don’t disappear again and I will not be abating any time soon.Ferns

  8. Sassy: Thank you for delurking to let me know you are enjoying my blog. I do love hearing from readers, particularly dominant women!Hopefully I will be glitch-free from now on.Ferns

  9. I hadn’t known you were gone, because I hadn’t discovered your blog yet. But after finding your blog, I missed it, ex post facto (that’s Latin!).

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