Tearing at your skin

I throw you face-first against the wall and your head hits it with a thud… you are bigger, taller, stronger… we both know it, but this, this violence, this assault makes you weak, makes your knees buckle, makes you struggle to breathe, struggle to stand.

You slump against the wall and I hold you up with an arm around your neck, the other around your chest as my teeth sink into your flesh. Your gasp and moan of pain hits me like a sledgehammer and my sharp rasping teeth close on your skin. Your hands grab at the wall for purchase, to stop you slipping. I feel your weight in my arms and shove you harder against the unforgiving surface, my hip against your arse forcing you further forward, my grip around your neck tightening.

Your breaths come hard and fast as I bite you relentlessly and jerk up against you from behind, every new attack making you wince and moan, you thrust back against me until I am fucking you against the wall and tearing at your skin like I am going to devour you. Your head hits the wall again and my mouth finds another spot and digs in.

Love: 1
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  1. Bellaforte: I’m so glad you liked it… crib away! After all, you are my doppelganger (though which is the evil one is hard to say…).Ferns

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