I feel like kissing

I feel like kissing, which is something I adore, and which I am missing already even though I made the boy give me his mouth before he left because it makes him weak, and I love when he is like that. My mouth is tender still, my lips feel swollen, his taste is still on my tongue and I just can’t get enough of his mouth.

Kissing is like great sex without the sex, the promise of sex, and sometimes better than sex, and every aspect of sex can be put into it, and every aspect of D/s can be expressed in it, and I get to be soft and tender and harsh and hard, and I get to hurt and bite and put him where I want with a fist in his hair and I get to tease and penetrate and force and play and taste him from the inside.

Kissing is completely, utterly and hugely underrated. It is like an obsession for me, kissing, oh, and mouths, god, mouths are just incredibly beautiful and tactile and soft and wet and mobile and expressive and altogether delicious. Kissing *so* hits my buttons, all of them at once.

I feel like kissing.

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  1. anonymous xxxx: “I’ve already kissed you and you didn’t even notice.”We need to have a word about technique, puppy!Slide over here by me and I will show you…Ferns

  2. If the kissing is not good, compatibility is questioned. If it’s taken too seriously, or not seriously enough. If a person doesn’t know how to work their mouth against mine, remaining stiff and unremarkable.

    I’d even take a bad kiss at the moment.

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