Beg me to be allowed to come


She moaned softly in the aftermath, her body relaxed, eyes closed, and she pulled his head up towards her face by his hair.

He quickly slid up her body, his knees pushing her legs further apart, her grip bringing his wet mouth to hers as his cock found her pussy. Her mouth was already on his when he entered her, moaning, she felt his hands slide under her arse to lift her to him. She kissed him, hungry, tasting herself on him, pulling his mouth to her, sucking him into her. She lifted her hips to take him deeper, she knew he could not last long. She was sucking the breath from his body, her mouth voracious on his, her nails digging into his back. He panted into her mouth as he fucked her, hard, long strokes, a sound coming from deep in his throat, he felt as if he was going to explode already. She reached between their bodies, gripped both of his nipples and pinched hard, he grunted in pain, his face contorting as she twisted and pulled at them. The pain made his hips slam harder against her and she lifted up to him with each thrust. It wasn’t long before he pulled his mouth away from hers.

“Oh god, I’m going to come… Ma’am”, he groaned.

“STOP!! don’t you fucking dare”, she hissed. She stopped moving under him, gripped the hair on the back of his head hard with both hands, pulling his face harshly away from her. He tried to look down at her but couldn’t from the angle at which she held him, his face twisted in pain from her pulling his hair, his hips still, his cock throbbing inside her.

“Don’t you fucking dare, boy”, she repeated. He was breathing heavily, obviously concentrating hard, his eyes shut, lips compressed. She waited until his breathing started to slow a little.

“Are you under control?” she asked.

“Yes Ma’am”.

She released her grip on him and started to rock her hips against him again, her legs going around his arse, her hand going between their bodies so she could feel his cock sliding into her cunt. She pulled his face to hers, kissing him softly. He groaned, and met her thrusts with force, pushing her fingers harder against her clit. She grunted softly and felt him respond, his hips slamming into her, his pace increasing, his breath quickening. She arched up to him and shoved her mouth against his, teeth clashing as she reached for more of him, she whispered, ‘yes, yesyesyes yes’ compulsively into his mouth. He drew away from her again, breathing heavily…

“Unnghh… please… Ma’am, I’m going to come…please!”.

“NO” she commanded and she stopped moving. She felt him fight the urge to slam his cock into her and come inside her, he was making soft grunting noises, his face a picture of concentration, his mouth open, panting, his muscles tensed. She waited.

As his breathing slowed, and he started to relax a little, she stroked his face and he looked down at her.

“Beg me, beg me to be allowed to come in my cunt”.

He didn’t hesitate, “Oh god, please Ma’am, please please please please Ma’am, please let me come”.

“In my cunt, say it”.

“Please let me come in your… cunt… Ma’am, please please please”, he begged, his face flushed. His mouth looked desperate, she wanted it badly, his mouth.


“Yes Ma’am, please Ma’am, please let me come in your cunt, please Ma’am”

“You may come…when you do, you will look at me, do you understand? I want your eyes on mine when you come”.

He nodded madly, “Yes Ma’am, yes yes, thank you, thankyou”.

She shifted under him, her cunt and arse tensing to push up against his cock. He needed no more encouragement and he circled his hips, taking it more slowly, wanting to draw it out now that he knew he would be allowed to come. He closed his eyes, pulling his cock almost all the way out of her, and dipping just the head in and out. She smiled and fucked up suddenly hard against him, driving his cock deep into her. His face registered the shock of pleasure and he realised he was not going to last as she fucked up against him again. He gave in to her and slammed his cock into her hard, groaning. She pulled his mouth down to hers and fucked his mouth with hers as her cunt drove up against him.

She moved his head to one side with a grip in his hair and closed her teeth on the flesh of his exposed neck. She dragged her teeth over his jugular, biting down on his skin, moving suddenly to that spot that she knew drove him wild, grinding his skin between her teeth, sucking his flesh into her mouth and pulling at it. The shock of pain drove him over the edge, he felt himself start to come and he moaned in surrender.

She felt him starting to lose it, she gripped his hair tightly with both hands, making him wince. She held his face close to hers, locked her dark eyes on his, watching his face contort as if in pain, his body tensed, his hips pushed hard against her and she gripped him tightly with her legs, pushing up to him, he kept his eyes on hers as he came. Their eyes locked, his mouth open, he thrust hard into her, a continuous grunting sound coming from his throat, the moment of raw openness was almost enough to make her come again.

And as he finally relaxed his body into hers, gasping for air, muttering words that didn’t make sense, she wrapped her legs around him and stroked his face, pulling him to her, kissing his softening lips, nudging his breath from his mouth, whispering ‘good boy, good boy’ as he melted into her.

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  1. dave: “…that story hits every single thought in my mind…”

    Really?! Every single one dave? I somehow find that hard to believe! Glad you enjoyed it though.

    I will keep you in mind if I am planning a trip to Christchurch…


  2. Ferns,

    Ah. Now I see what see you meant. There’s mouths, and lips, and tongues, and tasting, and invasion, and licking, and sucking, and biting, and *KISSING*. Yes. This is much better. Good girl. :-)


  3. unspeakable axe: “That’s the sexiest thing I’ve read in a very long time.”

    Thanks so much axe (I’m hoping you haven’t just returned from some sort of long term reading hiatus…).


  4. Dear Sx,

    Finally a story i can fully relate too!! smiles…

    i too have been in your subby boys position..dying to cum but having to beg!!

    The funny thing is you are desperate to cum but you are also desperate not too!! The fear is that the magic of deep submission may never be recaptured if the dynamic is changed by release.

    Again a beautifully captured moment of passion, release and the cherishing of a good boy for and by his Mistress.


  5. amusoman: Glad to hear I finally wrote something you can personally relate to. And yes, making him wait and then beg is just yummy!

    “The funny thing is you are desperate to cum but you are also desperate not too…”

    That, also, can be arranged.


  6. Was away for a bit, come back to find 2 delicious posts that left me hot and squirming in my seat.

    Damn you have a way with words, was with your boy every step of the way.

    Such a sexy thought, to be used as a fuck toy by a strong willed woman.

    Keep it up , your making my life a constant wet dream.


  7. Well it is becoming habit forming,But what a nice habit to have, mmmm

    But I do fear for my eyesight, hopefully the old sayings aren’t true(grin)

  8. Unbelievably sexy! Very hot, right up until he moaned in surrender, and then it finished lovely and sweet. It was a perfect ending

    “I want your eyes on mine when you come”
    … And *THIS*!

      1. Touch is far my dominant (NPI) sense — I’m a tactile guy.

        But Jalan early on worked on conditioning me out of keeping my eyes closed during sexytimes. It’s usually ok to do it some of the time, but not for the whole time.

        And often she allows me blindfolds, because love.

  9. I have always loved this one for so many reasons that makes it HOT! The look at your when he comes quote so fucking hot! I have said “please look at me when you come.’ Its that beautiful hot look on their face and in their eyes drives me wild.


    1. *smile* Glad you liked it.

      “The look at your when he comes quote so fucking hot!”

      Yes! For me it’s about ownership. That orgasm belongs to me and I want him to *give it to me*, and a big part of that is looking at me in the moment. HOT!


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