As always

I am thinking, as always, about kissing you, about your mouth, how it shapes that ‘oh’ of anticipation when I bring my lips close to you, how you wait wait wait and try so hard not to reach for me, they are almost unbearable, those moments of denial.

I am torn, as always, by what I want, by wanting it all at once, by wanting to take it and have it and leave nothing behind.

I want the gentle, tender, moist, licking kisses, those that make you moan softly, those that make you melt away, those that let me taste you slowly, where I get to lap at you, to share the air between us, to suck gently at you, to inhale your desire slowly from your mouth, delicate and ethereal.

I want, also, like a greedy child, to devour you now now now, to shove you back into the wall, to smash your head against it and hear the crack, to open my mouth, uncover my carnivorous fangs and have at you, to close my teeth against your soft lips, to feel your body squirming even as you try to give me what I need, to rip them off you, those lips, leaving your mouth agape, a startled rictus, then take also your tongue, pulling it into my mouth with all the force I can muster, feeling my teeth ache to rip it from you by the root, your cock hard with pain and fear.

I am thinking, as always, about kissing.

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  1. Dear Ferns,

    I am a fan of your blog and a novice writer. Just want to let you know that your post on comments was as fabulous as your writing. You have an incredibly deft touch with responses and I'm sure made your fans feel competely appreiciated. Your writing is inspiring, so thanks and continued good luck.
    respectfully, golfer

  2. golfer: “Just want to let you know that your post on comments was as fabulous as your writing.”

    Oh, thank you! I am very much enjoying the interaction with some of the readers… it is nice to know who is out there (hello there!). It is so often so very quiet in here…

    I shall tuck the good luck into my pocket for when I need it most.


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