Breaking you

My head is full of you and my pussy wet with you, fucking you, helpless and crying on that beach, and you are so thin, and in pain, with pieces of you missing because I have taken them and swallowed them. And yes, my fingers in your mouth to turn your head to me, and I want to kiss you, but I can’t reach your mouth no matter how far I twist your head towards me and I want to shove my fingers into your throat and see you struggle. And it hurts you, the fucking and the contact, because your skin is raw and flayed open and still you fuck me back, and this thing, my cock, is hitting my clit every time I thrust into you so I don’t care how much it hurts you. And my fingers around your neck then, tightening, and you are having trouble breathing, and you are crying, and beautiful. And I don’t cut you, and I don’t squeeze the life out of you, but I know I will, and you are scared, and your body is so fragile and I feel like I am breaking you with the fucking and I can’t think about anything except coming, until I come…

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  1. Dear Sx,Sounds like a dream or a half memory of a murderess who has killed her lover in a fit of passion. But she was so out of it due to her soaring senses that she does not quite remember the crime.!! xxx amusoman

  2. anonymous xxxx: Yes, fitting that it is in a beautiful location.One should always be careful in wishing… the reality can be a lot less fun than it appeared to be in the wishing.


  3. Breaking a man just would have to be done next to the breaking waves . . I can only remind myself: careful what I wish for, lest it become true. ;-)xxxx

    1. Awww, bless. You’re just living in your own little fantasy world aren’t you?

      Oh! I just looked at your blog: “Online dating, Virtual love, Cyber Sex, Fantasies with girls from all over the world”. Now it makes perfect sense!

      You really should get out of your mother’s basement and go out into the world and meet some real women. Though if you ever do, I suggest you try not to say stupid stuff (ref: above), because women don’t like that much.


      1. I can assure you that I had lots and lots of real women in my life! And now I could have as many as I would like, only that I don’t want to because I’m in a long-term relationship.

        What I wanted to tell you is that from my personal experience with all the women I had, I figured out what women really want: they want a real man, one that is confident and which can take care of her…and not a submissive, weak man! By having a powerful man besides her, a woman can feel like a woman..and the man can feel like a man.
        Hope u got the idea…

        1. What I want to tell you is that from my personal experience with all the men I had, I figured out what men really want: they want a real woman, one that is confident and who can lead him with intelligence and love… unless they are a macho, self deluded, insecure man! By having a powerful woman besides him, a man can feel like a man..and the woman can feel like a woman. [sic sic sic ad infinitum… ugh…]

          I hope you get the idea. And you’re welcome.


  4. Absolutely love the passion in this. Reminds me of something I wrote once that I never really posted.

    “Her desire, her hunger to use that knife to carve me open is a reflection to the need I have to bleed openly for her. Her desires, her needs, her pleasure, her passionate fulfillment gives me freedom. Her happiness, her moans, her hunger feeds my inner beast that begs to be ripped apart and devoured through our passion. And with each slice, a trickle of my blood runs from the exposure of my submission. And with each droplet of blood, I offer her my skin again because it is what I need.”


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