Femdom audio erotica: Meeting

I’ve mentioned that I’m creating femdom audio erotica over on Patreon.

Here’s an extract from the audio erotica story “Meeting” to entice you to come on over and join me :).

She held him there with a hand behind his neck. She rubbed her cheek against him.
She hesitated, then put her mouth to his ear and whispered, “Do you want to come upstairs and take some clothes off for me?”
She felt him tense, but his response was immediate.
“Yes Ma’am,” he said, quietly, deliberately, clearly into her ear.
She felt her pussy twitch…


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Every damn day in June: Slut

Public domain mark'Boy! I sure did a good day's work today' by National Archives at College Park

This is the very last of my #EveryDamnDayInJune posts.

I did not QUITE make a post every day. 26 posts this month though. Woot!!

It’s surprisingly difficult to write every day. Well, unless you start posting your shopping list (I did that once, you know :P).

I know quite a few sex bloggers who create daily content month after month, and it’s an astounding level of motivation, inspiration, and work. Kudos to them, go give them all the love!

Did you know that ‘slut’ means ‘final’ in Swedish? Adding this just in case you thought I was suddenly

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Sex is great, but…

Sex is great, but have you ever lined up 5 submissive men on their knees, grabbed each one in turn by the hair and shoved your cunt into their mouth to see which one gives the best oral so you can throw that sweet boy into a collar and drag him off to your lair

The silk robe was laid across the the foot of the bed, its blood red colour seeming apt for her. Picking it up, she slipped it over her shoulders and let the delicate fabric settle against her naked skin. She tied the sash … Continue Reading

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From relationships past

Little reach-outs from relationships long past are strange things. I’ve mentioned a few over the years but was musing over a few others that came out of the blue.

None has had the same impact as my first submissive’s, but those jolts from the past were still a surprise.

My first proper boyfriend: 15 years later

I can’t remember the last time I saw my first proper boyfriend from when I was 16 or 17, but our end was tumultuous. I essentially left him for my girlfriend, which I’m sure was hard to take as a young man. … Continue Reading

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Ten things you didn’t know about me

© Yes, that's me: Bungee jumping & rock climbing

Of course I already have waaayyyy more than ten things on my About Me page (because of course I do) but I’m pretty sure these aren’t on there, plus you don’t get any visuals over there:

  1. When I was a kid, my not-very-well-off parents used to take us to legit deserted tropical islands on the Great Barrier Reef for holidays. They’d pay a fishing trawler $50 to drop us off with all of our camping gear (including water, there was literally nothing on these islands), and trust them to come back in 2 weeks to pick us up. This kind
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© 'Utility garter (no longer available)' by Five & Diamond

Note: This is another draft dragged up from the depths (of 2014!). Ha! Did I mention that I have about 200 drafts started and then abandoned here on the blog? I do. With this one, I knew the photos were terrible, and I was planning to do better ones. I never did, of course. And here we are :).

This is an amazing leather garter belt that I was lucky enough to be gifted by a very generous friend for my birthday.

It’s a beautiful soft leather, with adorable leather ruffles around the legs, and little steel d-rings and … Continue Reading

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I choose you

When I am talking to a submissive to see if we are compatible, if we’re feeling each other out, seeing how we get along, testing if we can make sparks fly, doing that whole dating thing, I always assume that he is also talking to, seeing, dating others.

There is no expectation of exclusivity there. I don’t ask them about it. I consider it none of my business. I assume they think the same about me.

These explorations are about finding someone compatible, and to do that, you spend time with as many people as seem promising to see if … Continue Reading

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