Cock-blocked by a bunch of dudes

An update on my adventures in femdom dating: A couple of weeks ago I wrote about my negotiation with the cutie pie for sex toy testing and cock-stuntery. I’d wanted to organise that for the following week.

My plans were scuppered when scaffolding started to be erected (hurr hurr, ‘erected’) around my building shortly afterwards. I live on the second floor and it was very disconcerting to suddenly have a bunch of workmen crawling all over the place outside my windows making a hell of a lot of noise and singing and yelling and such (though I was very … Continue Reading

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My sent emails LIII

Hello New-No-Profile-No-Pic-Sub-Guy,

Welcome to Fetlife.

You’re a mature man who presumably has met women before, had relationships, all that jazz.

I know this whole thing with BDSM and all is new to you, but here’s a tip: If you contact women on here, imagine you’re on a vanilla dating site, RSVP, OKcupid, and proceed accordingly.

Think about that for a second. Imagine having no profile information, nothing at all about yourself, no photo, you’re just ‘random internet dude’. Now imagine sending the following email to a woman you like the look of on one of those vanilla dating sites:

Hi, Continue Reading

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Reader Q&A: Femdom Podcast #107 [Audio]

© 'Ferns' Legs' by and of Ferns. Music by M.M. Transcript by MFMWKE.

Reader Q&A: Femdom Podcast #107 [Audio]

00:00 / 1:05:59

This femdom podcast Q&A includes the following:

  • Advice for a new femdom’s play (Tip: This book “How to make your first BDSM scene amazing”) :)
  • A happy femdom story!
  • How to find a Domme as an older submissive
  • How to prepare for pegging
  • Should I tell my therapist about kink?
  • Can you fall in love with someone you’ve never met?
  • On punishments: What if the Domme fucks up?
  • My sub periodically ghosts me
  • Should I forgive my sub?
  • And more!

The Domme Chronicles podcast is available on iTunes and Spotify: Subscribe if you want to be sure to get my audio porn delivered straight to your ear holes.


Want to ask me something? Pop on over to my Ask Me page and do it (though if it’s something time-critical, I suggest you ask your question pretty much anywhere else…!). It’s completely anonymous, even to me, so nobody will know it was you…


Full transcript after the jump…

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Negotiating a stunt cock

From ‘adventures in femdom dating’ and related to using the cutie-pie’s cock for the sex toy review I mentioned earlier, here are some snippets of the conversation in which we talked about it, how I explained it to him, checked to see if he had any issues with what I had in mind, and agreed the activities that might be on the table.

I’m intending for it to be a very low key science experiment. You are the guinea pig.

I don’t know how the toy will work either, but if it’s just ‘bbbbbzzzzzzzztttt… [a minute later] holy … Continue Reading

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e[lust] #122

Welcome to Elust 122

The only place where the smartest and hottest sex bloggers are featured under one roof every month. Whether you’re looking for sex journalism, erotic writing, relationship advice or kinky discussions it’ll be here at Elust. Want to be included in Elust #123? Start with the rules, come back October 1st to submit something and subscribe to the RSS feed for updates!


~ This Month’s Top Three Posts ~

Contraception- Snip, snip, snip

I’m Depressed and Now My Vagina’s Against Me?

Pool Boy

~ Featured Post (Molly’s Picks) ~

Rotten to the Core

Two Continue Reading

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About that date

I have to say, firstly, that as a femdom dating a submissive, having all of that BDSM stuff on the table cuts out a lot of overthinky bullshit with vanilla men about when and how to bring it up. It feels like I can breathe, which is a blessed relief.

We met at one of my favourite spots for lunch, it’s busy on a weekend. Too busy for my liking, but the view over the ocean can’t be beaten. While we hadn’t been messaging much prior to our meeting, his communication about the date itself had been great. I asked … Continue Reading

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The heart of the question

For some reason I’ve had a flurry of emails in my inbox from local submissive men over on Fetlife recently.

I have NO idea why. I’ve done nothing unusual to suddenly be on anyone’s radar. I’ve been there forever, have no sexy pictures, don’t put up ads etc, so my inbox doesn’t attract any significant attention. I normally get either spam or chats relating to my posts. So it’s like someone suddenly put a spotlight on me. Strange.

Most were an eye-rolling level of silliness from grown-arse self-identified submissive men: One sentence from an empty profile with no activity. You … Continue Reading

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