I am definitely 100%…

… wearing these shoes* over Christmas.  They don’t go with anything I own, they are hopelessly impractical, completely over-the-top for casual get-togethers, and I don’t care one bit. I’m feeling stressed (already) with all the relentless peopling that is coming my way, bearing down like a freight train. Not just ‘peopling’, but ‘peopling while being endlessly cheerful’, […]

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I miss fabulous heels

I know it is both ridiculous and frivolous, but its the truth nevertheless. I miss that feeling of slipping my foot into them, perhaps having to do a little wiggle to get them on. Looking at that arch that gets emphasised by the elevation of the heel. Carefully fixing the placement of straps and doing up a tiny clasp against my ankle. […]

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Sexy new shoes

I haven’t posted a picture of any fabulous heels in forever! Since moving to the beach, I can’t really justify frivolous heeled purchases because wearing them to the local surf club seems like overkill (to be clear I HAVE worn heels to the local surf club and it was totally overkill *smile*). This pair was a generous gift from a very sweet submissive man on Twitter. […]

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Nude strappy heels

More birthday shoes!! These fabulous nude patent leather heels were a gift from a lovely submissive man who convinced me with his polite insistence that I really *must* have them (thank you!). Unfortunately, they are just a tad too small, so I am going to have to return them *sad face*. Still, not sharing would just be selfish, right? […]

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Wild wedges

You know which shoes I like best? GIFT shoes! These colourful wedges are a gorgeous early birthday present from a dear friend. Loud and bright and fabulous, I will wear them either with a plain flowing dress or with jeans and a single colour little top. Because it’s all about the shoes!   birthday-shoes-2013   Happies!  […]

Red strappy stilettos & thongs

I haven’t posted any shoe pictures for ages. Main reasons for this:  I’m living a life of leisure at the beach now, so I’m pretty much living in thongs (flip flops, you perves!) Related to the above, I haven’t got the myriad of occasions to wear fabulous shoes any more. I know: boo!! I no longer pass fabulous shoe shops on a daily basis to be tempted by new shinies, […]

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More patent leather

I haven’t posted any shoe pictures in AGES! One of the reasons is that I’m buying fewer new shoes (a travesty!!), and another is because my previous apartment had few spots that provided a clear background, so it was difficult to take decent photos. These aren’t new, but they are lovely aren’t they?!  Strappy black patent leather heels with a snakeskin feature around the heel.  […]

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Foot fetishists, come talk to me

I was randomly sending foot photos that I found while I was trawling for porn doing important research to a friend of mine. He has a foot fetish, I thought he might like them. Each time, he came back with a shrug and some comment like, “Too much man-hand, not enough woman-foot!” My lack of understanding of good foot porn finally had him shaking his head and remarking:  […]

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Bought shoes

I haven’t bought new shoes in like… forever! And EVER!! Yesterday, I ordered two pairs online because I was in a buying frenzy… a frenzy I tell you!! I don’t *really* expect them to fit and be fabulous, but I bought them anyway… Gorgeous red sandals with buckle features:  And these beautiful neutral strappy heels:  Rest assured that if they fit, […]

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Random rope

I recently got my first hemp rope… I tried to find beautiful foot ties (with instructions!) to play with some self bondage, but couldn’t find any. So I improvised.     It feels lovely against the skin, it smells like country hay, and it leaves quite sweet marks.  […]