Red strappy stilettos & thongs

I haven’t posted any shoe pictures for ages. Main reasons for this:

  1. I’m living a life of leisure at the beach now, so I’m pretty much living in thongs (flip flops, you perves!)
  2. Related to the above, I haven’t got the myriad of occasions to wear fabulous shoes any more. I know: boo!!
  3. I no longer pass fabulous shoe shops on a daily basis to be tempted by new shinies, regardless of ‘need or not’

So here’s a double hit.

These are not new, but they are as yet unposted – fabulous red strappy stilettos with silver buckle features.


And this is what I am wearing most days. I know, shoe aficionados… sacrilege!!


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  1. Absolutely beautiful! I am not a foot person but I love a woman in heels and thongs. ~smiles~ You will have plenty of reason to wear them again soon I am sure. And for getting new shiny you do have a birthday coming up.


  2. They may not be new, but they *ARE* lovely! I never get tired of seeing the pics, of any type, that you choose to share.

    1. Me too! And black ones. And non-strappy ones. And and…!

      I WANT to like pedicures, but I’ve had mostly disappointing experiences (as in ‘pfft, I could have done that myself’) and once, blood!

      I’d love to have a boy who could do it for me, though. That would be different!


  3. I was inspired to turn the red strappys around to look at the business end of your arch. But the tablet swivels it back…shucks, no perving with Android.

    1. *laugh* Geez, when is technology going to get to the point where it’s actually *useful*?!!

      Wait… isn’t the business end kind of showing on my right foot already? Which IS the business end?


  4. Q:Which IS the business end?

    I think the correct answer is; the end Ferns decides will be THE business end….

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