I miss fabulous heels

I know it is both ridiculous and frivolous, but its the truth nevertheless.

fabulous heels
Tried on, did not buy *sad face*

I miss that feeling of slipping my foot into them, perhaps having to do a little wiggle to get them on. Looking at that arch that gets emphasised by the elevation of the heel. Carefully fixing the placement of straps and doing up a tiny clasp against my ankle. That moment when I stand up to my full height, stretching to a generous 6’3 and suddenly feeling like some Amazon queen. I enjoy the exaggerated length it gives my legs, like they go on forever. And when I walk in them, I get that particular gait, that long-legged, hip-swinging swagger, so different from the carelessness of my stride when I am closer to the ground. I feel like some thoroughbred stallion (always a stallion), some powerful beast that is stalking amongst humans.

I miss all of it.

A few years ago, my lifestyle changed and with regard to shoes it meant two things:

  1. I was no longer passing by fabulous shoe shops daily so I no longer have those many (many!) opportunities to meander in and try on amazing shoes and (inevitably) buy just one more pair that I really don’t need

  3. I was no longer constantly going to places where wearing fabulous-amazing shoes was appropriate

Now with the second, I can hear you all saying ‘who CARES what’s appropriate?!’ but of course if I’m wearing gorgeous sky high heels, I have to wear an outfit that looks great with sky high heels, and before you know it, I look like a slightly deranged person wandering around my small town supermarket dressed as if I think I’m in Sex and the City. And it’s probably no surprise to anyone that that doesn’t make me feel how I want to feel when I’m swanning about in wonderful heels.

To my disappointment, I can’t even wear them at home just to get some goodness out of them because my glossy floor tiles are dangerously slippery and I can barely stay upright in smooth-soled beauties with teeny stiletto heels. I vaguely worry that I will slowly lose the ability to walk in them given I wear them so rarely these days.

So inevitably now, when I go somewhere where fabulous heels are even in the remotest realms of possibility, I’m plucking some out of my shoe tower and slipping them on.

And when I pass by places that sell beautiful shoes, I’m in there like a shot to try them on, but I rarely buy them because I know they will just sit in my ivory shoe tower like some sad, neglected throw-aways.

*sigh* I miss them.

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  1. Ahh…yes. That whole first part…the fitting, the wearing, the stride? Yes. Thank you for that.
    Ahem. Yes, thank you.

  2. I so hear you!! I’m 6’1″ in most of my heels.
    I tried on a pair of thigh high Stuart wietzman boots today, beyond insanely expensive, but crazy sexy!! I walked away from them but I might just go back. There’s nothing like a pair of sexy shoes.


  3. *head shaking*

    I have never understood the appeal of heels. Especially not stilettos.

    I hope you will find more places to enjoy wearing heels in the future. It sucks when a part of life you love stops being there.

    1. Thanks :). Maybe I just need to move to a house with carpet. Then I can be crazy-heel-lady instead of crazy-cat-lady…

      Life goal identified…


  4. Strange…. I imagined you might be tall-ish but 6, 3? No wonder you make a convincing Goddess! An Amazon even.

    And, I admit, in terms of you and my wayward imagination, high heels are a natural fit. I am among that percentile of men for whom high heels on a woman with nice legs is la dolce vita.

    From an episode of the great ’80s television series, “St. Elsewhere” an approximation)….

    DR. FISCUS : High heels are a man’s biggest, most perfect turn on.

    HEAD NURSE : Baloney.

    DR. FISCUS : Actually sliced lunch meat ranks third.

  5. “I don’t wanna make any huge generalisations about women, you know. No, I’m not here to do that. It’s vulgar. But all I’ll say is that they have no feelings. Because it’s actually men you’ll find who are the far more romantic. Men are the people you will hear say ‘I found somebody. She’s amazing. If I don’t get to be with this person, I’m fucked. I can’t carry on. I know I mean it. She’s totally transformed my life. I have a job, I have a flat. Means nothing. I can’t stand it. I have to be with her, because if I don’t, I’m gonna end up in some bedsit, I’ll be alcoholic, I’ll have itchy trousers. I can’t. I can’t walk the streets anymore.’

    That, is how women feel about shoes.” – Dylan Moran: Monster – Live (2004)

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