More patent leather

I haven’t posted any shoe pictures in AGES!

One of the reasons is that I’m buying fewer new shoes (a travesty!!), and another is because my previous apartment had few spots that provided a clear background, so it was difficult to take decent photos.

These aren’t new, but they are lovely aren’t they?!

Strappy black patent leather heels with a snakeskin feature around the heel.

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Foot fetishists, come talk to me

I was randomly sending foot photos that I found while I was trawling for porn doing important research to a friend of mine. He has a foot fetish, I thought he might like them. Each time, he came back with a shrug and some comment like, “Too much man-hand, not enough woman-foot!”

My lack of understanding of good foot porn finally had him shaking his head and remarking:

My feet

“You have really pretty feet. You have a shoe fetish, yet you have no idea what a foot fetishist wants to look at.

It’s like how dogs have a great sense of

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Bought shoes

I haven’t bought new shoes in like… forever! And EVER!!

Yesterday, I ordered two pairs online because I was in a buying frenzy… a frenzy I tell you!! I don’t *really* expect them to fit and be fabulous, but I bought them anyway…

Gorgeous red sandals with buckle features:

And these beautiful neutral strappy heels:

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Random rope

I recently got my first hemp rope… I tried to find beautiful foot ties (with instructions!) to play with some self bondage, but couldn’t find any.

So I improvised.


It feels lovely against the skin, it smells like country hay, and it leaves quite sweet marks.… Continue Reading

Beautiful gift shoes

I realised in writing this that I have never had a pair of shoes gifted to me. Not ever. Does that seem strange?

So these are the first. They are from a dear man who I have never met, am hugely unlikely to meet, but with whom I have developed a lovely email friendship through this blog.

In truth, I was concerned about accepting his offer, worried that I would feel uncomfortable receiving such a gift (perhaps a post for another time), but his genuine pleasure in it made it much fun.

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Shoe tower

I dragged all of my shoes out of the depths of my wardrobes and decided to make a shoe tower. Easier access, better ability to see what I had, a lovely choice of which to wear before I go out.

But but… after I did it, there was a messy pile of shoe boxes against the wall. It offended my sense of aesthetics, it was completely unacceptable!!

So, I ordered clear shoe boxes to put them all in, to make them pretty, you know I like the pretty.

So, below is the shoe tower ‘Before and After’:

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