And then I come

You are restrained, spread-eagled and I sit on your chest, rocking my cunt against you to get off, my fingers on my clit, slapping your face telling you to beg to lick me, but you aren’t doing it right, so rocking and slapping and telling you to beg me again, and you are so fucking frustrated and your neck and face ache from the slapping and you are trying over and over to get it right, getting more and more desperate and I keep telling you that I don’t believe you really want it, and you are almost sobbing with … Continue Reading

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Button pushing

Before he leaves, there is more violent kissing, I shove him up against the fridge, banging his head against it, once, twice, he keeps his hands behind him, he doesn’t touch me, he just stands helpless in the face of my attack as he moans into my mouth.

He reaches for me when I pull away out of the kiss, he reaches for softness, straining to touch my lips with his, trying to keep contact with me, gentle, tender, as if he wants to counter the aggression, but I can feel him wishing, then, to draw me into brutality with … Continue Reading

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More needles

This is my boy’s version of our play with needles described here – Needles.

The needle you’re going to push through my left nipple is the second needle — the first has gone through my right nipple — and this second needle, though I don’t know it yet, is the one that’s going to make it hard for me to remember any of the needles which come after it, their order, the pain they bring, my reactions. I am naked and restrained, hands and ankles, and am flat on my back with you on top of me, straddling … Continue Reading

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I am tired and trying to work and thinking instead about shoving you into that corner at the airport, you, shy and uncertain, and I just want to get something from you, anything, right now, straight away, and I want to hear you, in my ear, in my mouth, breathe for me and gasp a little when I take your mouth and smash into your teeth and feel it reverberate and you have nowhere to back away to because you are already in that grubby corner and I push my hips forward and have an arm around your neck because … Continue Reading

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“How many, baby?”

You struggle to comprehend what I am asking, I see the shadow of confusion pass over your face as you try to focus, try to remember the last number, try to recall what we are up to…

“Ten?” Your voice raised in a question.

I shake my head, and I flick the ones I have thrust through the skin of your balls and cock one at a time, making you flinch as I count them slowly, there are eleven needles piercing you.

“There are already eleven there,” I tell you.

You nod, barely cognisant, “Eleven, yes Ma’am.”… Continue Reading

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Sugasm #169

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This Week’s Picks
Clothespin Communion
“Surrender to the sensation.”
Remembering the Pain
“And it really was that bad.”

Short And Sweet
“Why don’t you turn over”
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Fetish Fridays: Financial Submission

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Shy… well, shy is sweet – it’s so delicate, it breaks my heart, just a little. It makes me want to get right in his face, back him into a corner, and make that sweet shyness into excruciatingly uncomfortable, awkward, blushing, stammering and stuttering sink-into-the-ground self consciousness. And when he tries desperately to break the tension, with that half-joking, half-hopeful, half-smile that shy people do sometimes, I want to feel his embarrassment when it doesn’t work and see in his face his fervent wishing that he was anywhere but right where he is right now. Makes me want to grab … Continue Reading

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