Sleep kisses

I shuffle back until I am flush against him, his chest, stomach, cock pressed against me, warm, comforting, I pull his arm around me, the cuff cold between my breasts. I rock him gently, back and forth, back and forth, so tired, but I miss him when his mouth is not accessible to me, when I can’t see his face, when I can’t pet his puppy head. I have to turn around to face him, to reach for his mouth again, one last kiss before I fall asleep, legs entwined, his body pulled against mine, just one more, one more…

I wake in his arms, his lips soft against mine, gentle, tender, heartbreaking kisses, my mouth moves under his, I murmur, “Oh, I fell asleep kissing you baby…”

“No,” he whispers, “I was kissing you awake…”

Oh god, just… oh… god…

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  1. Mmmmmmmm, I can't believe no one had anything to say about this. I know it's old but it deserves a comment.

    Beautiful. Everything about it.

  2. prsuasivpressure: “Beautiful. Everything about it.”

    *warm smile* Thank you, I enjoy comments on old posts because I forget about them, it is a lovely little flashback.


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