My first attempt at playing with rope, my boy patient and sweet. When I was finished, he looked so amazingly beautiful, I had to capture it.

my boy

Update: This photo is now featured on Male Submission Art – November 9 with the following description:

This photo depicts my first attempt at any sort of rope bondage. My submissive patiently stayed in position while I played with the rope and when I was done, he looked impossibly masculine and pretty. I love the strong hands and forearms, the power in the fists, defiance even, and the suggestive way that the rope slides between his arse cheeks is delicious. I was also particularly taken with the jeans, not off, but slid down, like I couldn’t wait for him to take his pants off before I started on him.

Loves: 9
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  1. Kitae: “…what I wouldn't give to see the front.”

    I think you made him blush… and his front is just as pretty as his back!

    “Lovely tie.”

    Thank you so much! I normally don't have the patience for rope bondage, but have been playing a little with it recently.


  2. Anonymous: “The ropes on his bum DO kinda look like the outlines of some very hot undies. It's a nice effect, I think.”

    I agree, it *is* a nice effect… but not likely to be mistake for lingerie is it?

    *peers again, closely… just to be sure…*


  3. I am surprised I hadn’t commented this before. That picture looks delicious and for that being your first rope tie it looks really good.

    Have you experimented much with rope bondage since (other than with guinea pig)?

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