Moments are swimming about in my head… your face open in anticipation when I move in to kiss you; your ‘oh my god’ after I stop you breathing and breathe for you; your expression when I fuck you face-to-face; your eyes when you are endorphined and struggling to focus; your delighted laugh when my coming makes me laugh with the sensory overload; the sounds you make when I hurt you and then hurt you some more; the way you concentrate when you are trying not to come; your movements under me when I cover you with my body and pin you down; how you bring me what I need without my asking; your willing acceptance of my instructions; the way you moan when you lick me; your furrowed brow when you are made shy; the way your eyes widen when you see a slap coming; your increasing confidence in touching me, reaching for me; how you flinch even though I know you want it, whatever ‘it’ is; your nervousness and excitement every time I come home; your gentle touches of my arm, my leg, my hand, when I am driving; your asking me to please put my collar on you over and again; you naked and jaunty, then shy and embarrassed; your smile when I am being incredibly silly; your apology sluttishness; your kisses on me, all over, everywhere; your body writhing when my teeth sink into your flesh; those exchanges that make us both laugh until we forget the point; your gentle nodding when you tell me, “I am happy”…

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  1. Yes, your intruding tongue enters my mouth. I loathe it and I love it. The probing, poking, licking, absorbing, owning. My mouth opens and you occupy it, without welcome. Yet, it seems empty when you're gone.

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