Wake up

She opens the door, he is snuggled under the blankets, his head hidden. She takes a moment before she steps into the room and climbs onto the bed. She uncovers his face.

He half smiles as he feels the bed take her weight, snuffling into the pillow, warm and cozy, awaiting her good morning kisses, anticipating her touch, he loves it when she wakes him.

She grabs his cuffed wrists quickly and joins them together with a clip. He starts to move, instinct, protest. She shoves his hands above his head and straddles him. He is trying to wake up in a hurry now. She slides up his body, and shoves her cunt against his mouth, she feels more than hears him, “oh!”. His mouth moves against her, his tongue, he starts to make a sound as he laps at her. She leans forward against the wall, her knees putting her body weight on his arms, she rocks against his mouth.

She presses her forehead against the wall, concentrating on his tongue, fucking his mouth, slow at first and long strokes, then getting faster, shorter, more violent. His body starts to writhe in time with her movements, he fucks the air as his senses are filled with her cunt, he struggles to breath, licking at her as she shoves herself against him.

Suddenly she pulls away, his mouth follows her, cranes his neck to reach for her. She shuffles her wet pussy down his body, out of reach, he makes a small sound of loss, breathing heavily, she rocks her cunt against his heaving chest, he looks up at her, moaning softly, his tongue on his lips, his eyes clouded with want.

She slaps him, once, he grunts, returning his gaze to her. She slaps him again, three times, then again, and again, again, again. She gets off him and leaves the room without a word, slamming the door behind her.

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  1. ooops just came in my pants!!
    Thanks for that Sx…perhaps you should post warnings!! “wet patch” ahead or such like!!

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