Trust and fear

He gazes up at me, trust, I tell him what I want, he looks scared, he starts to shake. His face contorts as he tries to comply, he is embarrassed, mortified, insecure, he looks like he might cry, he apologises.

His open vulnerability is stunning, beautiful, I feel myself melt, it starts at my cunt and spreads from there, I stroke him, his shaking doesn’t abate, his expression tortured, it makes me want to absorb him into me, to cover him with my body, to hold him down so he can’t disappear, to wrap myself around him and make him safe from me.

I wrap my arms around his head, a cocoon, dark, our breath mixing in the warm space, his body trembling under mine, kissing, stroking, whispering, “It’s ok baby, it’s ok…”.

It’s ok baby, it’s ok.

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