I feel like kissing

I feel like kissing, which is something I adore, and which I am missing already even though I made the boy give me his mouth before he left because it makes him weak, and I love when he is like that. My mouth is tender still, my lips feel swollen, his taste is still on my tongue and I just can’t get enough of his mouth.

Kissing is like great sex without the sex, the promise of sex, and sometimes better than sex, and every aspect of sex can be put into it, and every aspect of D/s can be … Continue Reading

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Beg me to be allowed to come


She moaned softly in the aftermath, her body relaxed, eyes closed, and she pulled his head up towards her face by his hair.

He quickly slid up her body, his knees pushing her legs further apart, her grip bringing his wet mouth to hers as his cock found her pussy. Her mouth was already on his when he entered her, moaning, she felt his hands slide under her arse to lift her to him. She kissed him, hungry, tasting herself on him, pulling his mouth to her, sucking him into her. She lifted her hips to take him deeper, … Continue Reading

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… cont.

She held his mouth at her cunt and shoved her hips up toward him as she pushed his head down.

His mouth, tongue and nose smashed into her wet pussy and she felt him trying to lick her, but he could barely move as she fucked his face; his nose and mouth full of the smell and taste of her. She writhed against his face, keeping him still against her, she closed her thighs on the sides of his head and felt him desperately trying to lick her as he had been instructed, but his mouth was so … Continue Reading

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I’m going to untie you

“I’m going to untie you”, she told him, idly stroking his cock.

“Yes Ma’am”, he replied, breathing heavily, his cock hard and leaking precome from all of the activity so far, his nipples aching, his arse tensing to stop him thrusting up into her hand… he’s dying to come.

“Are you listening”? she demanded.

“Yes Ma’am” he nodded and looked up at her, his eyes clouded with need.

She leaned down to whisper into his ear, “I’m going to untie you and bring your mouth to my cunt – you are going to lick me until I come”.

He felt … Continue Reading

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Please, please don’t

I cuff him and tie him spread-eagled to the bed. I take out the piercing gear and lay it out. The 14 gauge needles , clamps, antiseptic, anticipating the pain he would be in soon.

He is nervous, this is the first time I have restrained him for a piercing. I lean down to kiss him, soft, gentle kisses, he returns them hesitantly.

“It will be fine, baby.”

I reassure him, stroke his cheek.

“It will hurt, but it will be fine.”

I kiss him again, a little harder this time, and whisper “hurt” into his mouth over and again … Continue Reading

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I am exhausted, can barely keep my eyes open, lying under the sheet, waiting for sleep to take me. I shift a little to the edge of the bed and reach down. My fingers find skin and I travel it lightly, orientating myself to you. I hear you shift as you turn your face up to me, and my fingertips touch your hair, forehead, eyes behind eyelids flickering at my touch, your lashes heavy and dark, even in the dark, over your cheek, and I touch your lips, soft soft soft and I stroke them, so soft, and I push … Continue Reading

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Kiss goodbye

I’m thinking about kissing you goodbye: a lingering, panting, desperate, hard, full body-contact kiss aching with need and want and hunger and loss, all mouth and lips and tongue and grabbing and melting and it tastes so fucking good I want to hurt you to get more.… Continue Reading

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