Coming home 2

…continued from Coming home 1

She finally took her foot from his mouth, stood up, hiked up her skirt and straddled him, whumping down onto his chest so his breath left his body in a huff, her bare arse in her g-string against his chest. He drew gasping breaths as she pulled his arms down, and trapped them against his body with her knees and legs on either side of him. She shimmied up towards his face and pulled his head up by his hair so that he was facing her crotch.

“Is this what you want, boy?” she asked … Continue Reading

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Coming home 1

She sighed as she walked through the front door, throwing her briefcase by the hall table. She smoothed her skirt, shrugged in her jacket, took a deep breath and turned to look into the lounge room.

He was sprawled on the couch in jeans and t-shirt, comfortable, had been watching television. He had glanced up when she entered and now he was looking at her, a half smile on his face, a question in his eyes. He knew better than to approach her without permission when she got home from work, so he waited.

She caught his eye, and held … Continue Reading

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Payment for service

I had a massage from a man today, which I normally hate. He was a short, stocky, strong looking, blonde American.

We talked a little, he made me laugh, his hands were wonderful, he breathed heavily and made small grunting noises as he worked on my body.

And during the massage, with the pain, with the strong hands, with the rubbing, with the touching, with the oil and with him being quietly funny and interesting, I got turned on, inexplicably, not hugely hugely, but enough to make it very pleasant indeed.

At one point, he pressed a very hard part … Continue Reading

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While waiting for the lift, she kissed him softly, drawing his face to hers with her fingers in his hair. A first kiss, exploratory, tasting him a little. She kissed him a little harder in the lifts, experimenting a little with her mouth on his, leaning into him, holding his mouth to her by his hair. He was suddenly shy, nervous, she could feel it in his hesitation, his breathing quick and shallow.

When the lift doors opened, she led him to her room by the hand, she opened the door and he walked in ahead of her and stood … Continue Reading

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Aggression, teeth grinding jaw clenching aggression, barely contained muscle tightening growling aggression. And I need it to go somewhere and I need it to be released and I need a target and I need to come.

I need to fuck and I need to fuck with and I want him invisible and irrelevant and I want him empty, a receptacle, with no eyes and no name. And I want him to be hard, all over, I want lean muscles straining, biceps and a six pack and hard thighs, a cock that weeps precum and a mouth that screams and begs … Continue Reading

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Art and movies

She leads the way into the gallery, their fingers entwined, she takes a look around, black and white photos on the walls, men in pain, women in bondage, lots of men on men, all dark, broody, lots of flesh and leather. She nods towards what will be their starting point and lets him lead the way there. He stops in front of the large photograph and she steps in behind him. She leans into his back, her face averted from the photograph in front of them, her mouth at his neck. She relaxes into him.

“Describe it to me,” she … Continue Reading

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I woke this morning thinking of you, restless. In my head I felt like an animal pacing a cage, restless. Couldn’t breathe, coming up from sleep with this violence in my mind.

I want you at my feet and I want to hurt you. I don’t have a focus, just hurt, I want you on the floor, whimpering.

The thought of you being there made me so fucking wet, I was breathing heavily with the image of it. Cruelly pinching your nipples until your eyes tear up, fist in your hair forcing your head to the ground, making you lick … Continue Reading

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