Day 31

Oh god, and with my heart racing and whispering ‘oh jesus’ to you and my stomach lifted into my chest, you are so fucking hot, which is not the right word, but my wet panties in your mouth and against your cock are filling my head and I whisper to you ‘oh’ with that catch, that one is not even a sound, on my tongue when you’re nearly coming, and not coming, over and again… makes a thumping heart beat fast in the back of my throat, makes me so wet I can taste myself in the air. It makes … Continue Reading

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Fucking little bitch

I just want to fuck you, I can’t stop thinking about you there in your bed with your wrists tied. You are either on your back, asleep, your hands held in front of you, or on your side, your hands together by your face as if in prayer, you are made small by it, the tying, child-like and somehow innocent as you sleep. And if I was to come in and shove my hand over your mouth to shut you up, you wouldn’t realise or remember at first that you were tied, and you would have had a chance had … Continue Reading

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My vision closes in until there is only him, there is nothing else, only me and him…

Time slows down, it feels like my heart is going to burst out of my chest and the joy and lust rise like a wave from there. I feel like I am not even consciously thinking anymore, just feeling and doing, it is completely instinctual, like my essence knows what I want even though my mind is so high it isn’t really engaging.

If I get into Domme-space, there is no way I would interrupt it for anything, he becomes a tool to … Continue Reading

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Sugasm #159

The best of this week’s blogs by the bloggers who blog them. Highlighting the top 3 posts as chosen by Sugasm participants. Want in Sugasm #160? Submit a link to your best post of the week by emailing me directly at radicalvixenatgmaildotcom Participants, repost the link list within a week and you’re all set.

This Week’s Picks

The Annual Anti-Valentine’s Day Posting: 2009 Edition
“Ahh, Valentine’s Day. Sigh.”

“We talk a lot about putting me on display, and it was even more intense in reality as it has been in fantasy.”

“At the edge of the precipice, my … Continue Reading

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I feel the softness of your lips under mine, their dancing movements inviting me in, and I nudge your mouth open, apply a little more pressure. I feel the hint of a smile, you know how much I love this, it always makes you smile, which makes me smile, but not enough to interrupt the kissing.

I hold your face up to me, my fingers splayed across your jawline, your cheeks, I pull you closer and you lean further into me. Our tongues touch and I am already ravenous, but I hold back for the softness and the teasing, until … Continue Reading

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Your voice

I love your voice… I just love it. You have a perfect voice for sex, for play, for pain, for desperate need, for begging, for breathing my name, it is so so beautiful and I love how you talk to me and I love how you say Ma’am and I love how you murmur to yourself and I love that every strike makes you gasp or groan and I love the way you breath, heavy and loud and I love how you swear and I love how you repeat my words back at me and I love how you tell … Continue Reading

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Single minded passion

I miss you with a single minded passion, though I have only just seen you and then been asleep, and today I promised myself that I would do some copious amounts of work because you won’t be here and instead I am thinking about you and wanting so to get on the phone and talk to you and call you horrible filthy names and whisper to you about violent rape and fuckery with your face in the dirt in the middle of nowhere and I don’t want anyone else on you or to have you right now and I just … Continue Reading

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