Sunday curiosity #5 – Ask my boy

An experiment this fine Sunday…

I know many readers have enjoyed my boy’s writing, and I thought it would be interesting to invite you to ask him questions (actually, it was his idea… soon he will be taking over this blog!). So, if you are curious enough to wonder about him, now’s your chance to prod and poke at him… (c’mere, baby, it won’t hurt a bit…).

To kick this off, I thought I would start by asking him a question of my own:

How do you feel about being the subject of writing in this blog?

I’ve been sitting here for quite a bit trying to figure out how to best answer this question, tried to fling a couple of sentences toward an answer (they didn’t stick Ma’am!) and I realized finally that I’m torn. I like being written about, by you, because it gives me a chance to see what you feel, how you experience the things we do, etc: in a way it provides me with a study of you, you know, allows me into your head, allows me into your body too in a way, like I am able to climb into your point of view (you know how sometimes when we play I am able to lose track, specifically when blindfolded, of where my body is and where your body is and which body is my body and which body is your body, and reading your writing about me gives me that same feeling, like I am you in some way, which gives me the nice, scary little feeling of like a mortal vertigo) and that is very nice. And it is nice and makes me feel happy that you, in some postings, feel proud of me, and it is equally nice to hear the supportive and complimentary things that your readers write in about me, you, us.

But at the same time, though, that I like hearing what people have to say—and in fact I keep compulsively checking in to read and re-read what people have to say—the semi public nature of the blog freaks me out somewhat: I can feel the shiny eyes. We had a conversation once, recently, about how I’ve worried that my writing (the writing you’ve asked me to do on the blog) would change now that I feel a sense of your readership, like it might be harder for me to be as honest in my responses, to be as vulnerable in the sentences, since essentially I want to write for you, so I worry about that potential dilution a bit.

I hope that answers your question Ma’am and thank you.

Yes, baby, it does. And I know we spoke about writing under the gaze of others and how it might impact how you put things onto the page. The only way around it is to pretend that there is no-one reading it, write it for me, and only me… nobody is watching, really… (sssshhhh…).

If you do have any questions for my boy (be gentle with him), please put them into the comments… he will answer them in next week’s Sunday Curiosity. Fun! I am looking forward to it!

ETA: The Q&A that resulted from this post is here: Sunday Curiosity #6 Ask My Boy.

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  1. I actually have two for you. Thanks in advance for taking my questions.

    First, What part of being a sub gives you the most satisfaction?

    Secondly, Do you need to have an emotional connection with a Domme before becoming involved in a scene?

  2. A chance to find out more about the “boring stuff” from another persons perspective? What luck! =D

    Alright, so my question is (much like the last one), what's an average day like with Ferns?

  3. brids: Oh, you made me laugh! I will be delighted if his version is completely different to mine. I can imagine reading it and going 'who the hell is he spending time with?!!'…


  4. My Question is similar to slapshot's.

    If Ferns were to grant you a wish and you had the power to creat a scene – what would you wish for.


  5. It sounds like you two have a beautiful relationship, a symbiosis; one that many would envy you for.

    What was it that you saw in Ferns that made you say, 'She's the one.'? At what point (and how) did you indicate to her that you were 'all in'?


  6. Ferns seems to be big on kissing. I know that this sounds stupidly stereotypical, but I find kissing to be a kind of equalizer, no matter how much I believe that it's not (and I do believe that). Don't you find that kissing makes you feel less submissive? If it doesn't impact the dynamic, can you try and explain why it doesn't for you?

  7. If i may be so bold i have two questions to pose to your boy:

    – Beyond kink play what interests and values do Ferns and you share and how do you affirm each other through them?

    – From Ferns descriptions of your kink play you share an amazingly passionate and emotional relationship. Has this intensity affected your identity and view of the world around you, e.g. your relationship with family and friends, career plans, spiritual values etc?

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  9. Anonymous: “…I truly would love to try solar panel construction.”

    Oh god! Hilarious! Solar panels *nods sagely*… yes yes, I can see how you came to my blog, read that post and felt the need to comment.

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    If this post had a website link in it, I would delete it as spam. But there's no link, no advertising… that is some pretty piss-poor spamming! Who are you, my anonymous solar-panel-building friend?! It's a mystery!

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