We are on Skype having a chat when the phone rings. He is expecting a call, excuses himself, picks it up. I stay online and listen to his end of the conversation, waiting for him to finish. I get a little bored and send him an instant message.

“Say ‘horrendous’.”

He messages back, “Yes Ma’am…”

There is a smile in his voice as he continues his conversation. I can hear him stifling the grin as he thinks about it. A minute or so later, I hear him say in exaggerated disbelief, “That’s horrendous!!”.

I giggle like a six year old girl, he is trying not to snigger.

I try another one.

“Say ‘reprehensible’.” I message him.

“Yes Ma’am.”

I can hardly stop laughing as I listen, his attention is distracted now, he is trying to work it into the conversation. A short while later he says, “Would she really do something so reprehensible?!”

I am laughing so hard I have tears in my eyes. He sounds like a demented child showing off words he has just learnt in kindergarten.

I am absolutely delighted with this game. I think of another one…

Loves: 8
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  1. Britni TheVadgeWig: (great nick! It led to a whole discussion about merkins and pubic hair options over in this part of the world…)… It was surprisingly hilarious and fun… sometimes the silly things are just the best!


  2. You've finally done it. You've finally written something that didn't make me cry (although I felt it coming and had to watch youtube videos to forget about what I read).

  3. Brids: “You've finally done it. You've finally written something that didn't make me cry…”

    Phew, finally! Then my work here is done! So long, and thanks for all the fish.


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