Template preference

Thanks to all who expressed an opinion about the new template.

Final results:

76% liked this one better

22% liked the previous

2% said ‘Who the hell cares?!’, which I interpret as “I really don’t mind, I come here to read your writing, and you can present it in any manner you see fit, it is fine with me…”

None of you fessed up to finding the poll boring.

Look, here’s a graph!! (I find graphs are very valuable for presenting vital and complex information, especially when there is the chance for confusion…)

So, I’m keeping it. The graph says … Continue Reading

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New and shiny…

Do you know how hugely nerve wracking it is to change the template on your blog?

The feeling of fear is out of all proportion to the thing I am actually doing (a fear of breaking things, of not being able to go back (how apropos!), and a general fear of change from the familiar). As if it really matters!

It doesn’t, I know…

This is the break up equivalent of a new hairstyle…

It’s terribly bright isn’t it *~squinting… puts on shades~*

Feel free to tell me if you like it, hate it, or really couldn’t care less

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I have a unique name. When I self-google (oh, come on! Like you never!), all of the entries that come up are me.

I discovered today that there is a woman with my name living here in my rather small city and she goes to the same doctor’s office as me!! It has kind of blown my mind! How do I know this, you may well ask?!

I went to the doctor today. It’s a busy practice and I don’t really care who I see, so the doctor that I met with doesn’t know me. He looks at my belly, … Continue Reading

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Cows and kink

Scene: A weird conversation at work about cows… (don’t ask… really!)

Boy geek #1: Can you milk beef cows?

Me:               *outraged look* Oh, come on now!! That’s just *wrong*!!

Boy geek #2: *cheeky grin* You just think it’s kinky!

Me:               *laugh* Yeah, I totally do!

Boy geek #2: *laugh* I knew it!

Boy geek #1: …?


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