How long is too long?

Yesterday I had a second voice call with the sex-voiced Texan.

Early afternoon my time, 8pm his time. “So that you get to bed at a reasonable hour,” I said (our last call was 4.5 hours long).

When I call him, his webcam flickers. He beams at me with his killer smile.

I never asked him to turn his cam on but I love watching him when we talk. His face is expressive and … Continue Reading

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Update on stuff and things

As always when I don’t really feel like hitting ‘publish’ on any of my ramblings, I end up doing a general ‘what’s going on with me’ post, and sometimes that’s enough to kick me out of my stupor, so here it is.

I had a couple of minor surgical procedures in the last few weeks (don’t worry, lovely readers, they are no big deal). One was to take care of some stuff, one was … Continue Reading

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The sex-voiced Texan: a photo

I had this email exchange with the sex-voiced Texan.

Me: Do you have a cowboy hat? You must have one, right? Never you mind why I’m asking…

Him: Of course I do…My curiosity is piqued… But I’ll just answer the question.

Me: Well of course you do! :D And cowboy boots right (that’s a dumb question isn’t it?)?

Him: I’m smiling right now because those questions are very particular. I should have some in … Continue Reading

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Ah swear to God…

I mentioned the Texan previously as a boy with a sex voice.

This deep resonance, a hint of adorable self consciousness, a slight Texan drawl (“forty-fahv”), a beautiful laugh.

After I heard his first audio, done at my request, I wanted more of that beautiful voice, so we have exchanged a few more audio clips instead of emails: Making chat, talking about our days, some Q&A, innocent and lovely.

He is ‘aw shucks’ embarrassed that … Continue Reading

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Boys with sex voices

A few emails exchanged with a Texan boy: he’s smart, fun, there is some light flirtation. He emails a throw-away line after making appreciative compliments about one of my recordings:

“If I had a clip of myself I’d send it to you.”

I tease him back.

“So is it your contention that you have no possible way to record an audio clip? Is that what you are saying?

Or are you saying … Continue Reading

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