When I pet you

I love it when I gloriously intrude into your life: make you look at your email *again*, check your phone, obsessively hitting refresh (just in case), make you smile when you see my name pop up, make your heart leap Pavlovian into your throat, make your cock hard, wet when something strikes you just right, make you replay sweetness over and over, make you bounce with ‘Yespleaseabsolutely’ pleasure when I suggest we chat, make you laugh over some silliness, make you plaintively ask me *whyyyy* you have to go to bed because 4.30am isn’t even late and we are still talking.

And I love it when you tell me all of this, matter of fact, head tilted, no artifice, no shields…

It is selfish and a little guilty, this enjoyment, but when I pet you a little, you are so adorable that I want to do it over and over.

Kitten petting

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  1. Simply beautiful….like You’ve plucked the words from my mind whenever She is around….Your blog is amazing, I always look forward to the next post <3

    1. *smile* I like it when I pluck words out of other people’s minds.

      And thank you for the lovely compliment on my blog, n.


      1. I’m afraid I can’t because I CAN’T STOP LOOKING AT THE ADORABLE KITTEN…!!

        When you find a boy who makes you post adorable kitten photos *because he’s just like that*, you might be in trouble…


  2. Love reading this Ferns! So happy you’ve found someone new… Sigh…a bit jealous. Ok…alot jealous! ;) I want to feel this way again… But VERY happy for you!!

    1. *smile* Thank you for the happy thoughts, though I explained more about what ‘it’ is here, and it’s not exactly ‘finding someone new’. Regardless, he is adorable and special and I am lucky to be the one he trusts to pet him a little.


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