Vagina gym!

I bought a vagina gym!

Lelo Luna

Since I’m getting all fit and stuff, I figured, hey, how about vagina fitness?!!

So, I bought a vagina gym.

These Luna Beads by Lelo are a kind of ben wa balls. They are different weights: the pink are 28 grams and the blue are 37 grams. The balls themselves have smaller weighted balls inside them which shift as you move. You can use just one, or two at once, thereby varying the weight.

The theory is that the motion of the ‘balls within balls’ triggers your kegel muscles, so if you put them in and go about your normal day, you are doing the lazy woman’s kegels.

Snippets of my conversations with Jay about them looked something like this:

“I bought a vagina gym!!”

“Vagina gym, vagina gym, VAGINA GYM!!!”

“How do I know if my vagymming is building vagmuscles? Maybe I will just find some random boy to put his dick in there, see how it feels, then do a follow up after a few weeks and note the difference.”

“For science”

“You should put on loud music and go vajamming around the house!”

“Injury prevents vajamming right now, I can only vajiggle.”

“I will wear it to the gym and see how I go (upper body, no vajiggling).”

“It it falls out, at least don’t let it roll on the floor. That would be aaaaaaaaawkward!”

“I keep thinking of the woman who said she ‘put them in, they just fell out…’ eeep!!”

“Just now was the first time I wondered how they “just fell out.” What was she wearing?””

“Apparently she was wearing a very loose vagina…”

“I hope the acupuncture doesn”t make it pop out.”

“If it does, you have to promise to scream out “What is this place of voodoo?!?!!”

“I am working on not whining about going to pilates. I mean, you did yoga, I can do pilates. Maybe I should vagym it!”


Welcome to my world.

As for results, the vagina gym is new, so I expect it will take a while before I know what effect they have, and even then I am pretty sure I won’t know what effect they have… Volunteers for testing needed.


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  1. A friend of mine had those. She would come over and I would yell, ‘listen, slave!’ – then I would shake her by the shoulders and we could hear them knocking together. True story.

    1. *laugh* Awesome!

      Perhaps I should just walk up to strangers and vajiggle in their general direction and watch them try to figure out where the sound is coming from!

      Alternatively, they might just look at me doing a demented hip shaking thing and cautiously back away…


  2. If I new someone was using those I’d be really tempted to get an extra pair and then walk up behind them and toss them on the ground.

    1. That would be so funny!

      Especially since you are so far away and are totally not going to get the chance to try that with me.


    1. No they don’t. Arses don’t have kegel-like muscles. It might feel nice though. You should give it a try and report back.


  3. “the lazy woman’s kegels”

    Lol, it only takes like 15 minutes every day in the first place, how much easier does it need to be. =P

    1. I know that’s a rhetorical question, Brids, because the answer is obvious due to the wonder of MATH: Zero minutes a day is *much* easier than 15 minutes a day. Duh!!


  4. My little heart just skipped a beat. I thought that last line read, “Volunteers for tasting needed.”

    1. If Ferns asked for someone to “taste her balls”, well, I think that some readers here might feel pretty cheated. :D

    2. *laugh* Testing/tasting… they are pretty similar, though how you would ‘taste’ a change in kegel strength I don’t know!


  5. So how is this part of your workout regime going? Curious minds would like to know if this vagina gym is worth investing… plus it’s just fun to dig up things like this occasionally.

    1. *laugh* This question is hilarious and completely valid.

      I wish I could report a 20% increase in the strength of my vagina because that would be awesome! Truthfully, I have no idea if there is any difference in anything. I don’t *feel* any different, but then, I struggle to see or feel it in my *visible* muscles, so yeah, I haven’t a clue if it works or not.

      I’m totally tempted to make something up, though. Heh.

      “I used to be able to shoot ping pong balls, now I’m doing 18lbs of lead shot…”


      1. I’m just looking to be able to make change. (jk)

        Do you use it regularly? I have a set of other balls, but I forget them :( when I did use them I ended up aroused and frustrated. Frustrated is not a goal of mine.

        I do love the concept though. If there’s one set of muscles I’d like to keep most toned… well it’d be the little lady, yes. She can talk the talk but wouldn’t it be fun to squeeze the heck out of the walk?

        1. “I’m just looking to be able to make change.”


          “Do you use it regularly?”

          Not really… more like ‘randomly, when I think of it and I am actually going to be out and about’.

          I don’t find them arousing – once they are in, I don’t really feel them (this kind of fits with the fact that penetration is kind of ‘meh’ for me). I suspect if it was ‘teh sexy’ for me, I’d use them more!


  6. I am now imagining kitten vagina. And then I realized that that sounds positively wrong.

    Isn’t this a part of your workout? Where are workout group’s pictures? How can we encourage your progress without pictures? *outrage, incredulity, gigglesnorts*

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