Still single, just sayin’

I’ve been getting cute little congratulations about this very misleading post.

It’s super sweet and I do appreciate that people are happy about my apparent coupledom.


In case you missed it, Drew is gay. Like Double Gold Star gay, as gay as the day is long (and I mean days-at-the-North-Pole-in-the-middle-of-summer kind of long). Still, I’m putting together a registry for cute couples gifts. Because yes :P.

All that to say: Come at me, amazing submissive men. I’m still single.

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  1. Dang!

    I had the cock ring wedding present all picked out too!

    Oh well. I’ll just have to find someone to use it on myself. So sad.

    That is cute though :) I knew he was gay but I suppose if someone didn’t then yes, that’s terribly confusing

    1. We’re still accepting presents. I mean, we aren’t stupid! :P

      And yes, I put precious little context in my last post. I banged it out without thinking and didn’t even link to his blog. Very confusing indeed.


  2. Grin, I just breathed a sigh of relief. My hopes were dashed there for a second. By the way…im American ( Boo )! I like an intelligent woman, but when I find an intelligent, creative, and strong (dominant) woman …Im like whoa….thats a woman. Sadly, im also the shy type so I tend to keep my thoughts to myself unless Im provoked and the jealousy I was experiencing was just too much so I had to congratulate you and at the very least make my self known. And that’s enough because Im sure all your followers are going to be reading this and as I mentioned I am shy and serving my not so broken heart up now after knowing the facts on a silver platter in front of the entire world for every one to see is uh ..smiles. Have a nice nite.


    1. *laugh* Well, I appreciate your delurking so sweetly, Kayden, thank you.

      If you can sort out that pesky geography thing, then let me know won’t you. But I can’t wait forever, so you had better get on that asap…


  3. Careful, asking the submissive guys to come at you could be dangerous. Dick pics, as far as the eye can see. Do-Me Subs for days. You may need to close your Fet account and rejoin under a new name (Snref?) in the face of the flood!

    I know you clarified “amazing,” but that is assuming a degree of self-reflection that could be lacking ;)

    1. *smile* I have no fears about that. My readers are lovely and would NEVAAARRR.

      I actually posted a personal ad here on my blog a while back, so I have a little experience with this ‘random calling out into the void’ thing.


      TL;Didn’t Click: It was a non-starter.


      1. Your bringing me out of my comfort zone here ….smiles. Actually, if im not mistaken I believe there is a US military base located somewhere in Australia. I would def. like to get to know you a little better although it seems I know you well enough already. Hope I am making some leeway on ” had better get on that asap”. Im totally going to be bold now and post my email ….[redacted] I hope to hear from you Ferns. Until then, have a nice nite.

        1. *smile* Email sent: And thank you for sticking your head above the parapet, though you know that geography is going to chop that sucker right off, don’t you? Geography is a bitch like that… .


      2. I can assure you , im not a Do-Me sub? Actually, I have no idea what that even means really and I would never send a lady a dick-pic either as I tend to respect the women im interested in. However, your wise counsel is greatly appreciated im sure.

        1. Ahhh, Email received. Geography is a bitch but im a problem solver so let me solve this one.Grins deviously.

      3. Haha, love the graph! It is missing a very critical element, however: location. It is not only real estate, but also relationships. I am sure there are plenty of good matches out there in the world, but finding one local is a little (a lot!) harder. Still, if that photo in your last post is accurate, you can advertise ocean views!

        1. Ha! Thanks.

          And yes, there was a lot of talk about geography in the comments and most of my readers ARE from the US, so there is that.

          I can totally advertise ocean views!


  4. You’re a smart, attractive, literate, nerdish, impressive, bumbling, goonish, poetic lump of puzzling but endearing human. That’s probably why we’re all here.

    Despite these myriad charming traits, part of the reason for your ongoing pathological singletonism is that you select it and maintain it. I don’t know why. Do you?

    I know it always disturbs my partners when I look perturbed during lovemaking, and then when questioned on what’s troubling me (before climax obv.) declare passionately that “I just want A_Little_Respect

    But you probably don’t have that issue. So there’s something else going on.


    1. Neat page. Its always nice to know that quality Dommes are in Australia.I was beginning to worry there were none left. How did I not know this site existed?

    2. @Deceptivised Consternator: I think a problem is that I’m just not desperate enough. Must work on that… :P.

      Actually on a serious point: I think I am difficult.

      I say that up-front and people think it’s cute or means something it doesn’t.

      But what it means is that I’m fine being alone and anyone who I bring into my life has to make a life that is good and generally happy, better. It doesn’t seem like a big call, but add in the fact that I make connections rarely (partly my fault, I am seriously like a brick wall), and I don’t like the process required to do it, and all of that makes for ‘difficult’.

      So I recognise that I don’t help myself there.

      BUT when someone clicks for me, they *click* and while I’d love to have a stern talk to myself and convince myself to settle for less or to expect less or to be happy with less, that’s not how it works. Anything less is, frankly, not going to make me happier than being on my own.

      So yeah, I know why.


      1. Oh I don’t think ‘difficulty’ is cute; it’s like being constantly jabbed and needled and without sufficient counter encouragement eventually your foundations crumble, and your relationship slides into the sea like Roy Scheider’s boat at the end of Jaws. You either get eaten (emotionally) by the relationship like Robert Shaw, or you blow it off and swim away like the aforementioned Schieder.

        At the risk of being an armchair psychoanalyst – and at this point I suddenly realise it isn’t a risk, it’s actually what I’m doing – could your difficultly be a form of deflector shield that protects you emotionally rather than simply informs you as to the net price of happiness?

        Anyone you involve yourself with will take away from you in some or all ways. Always. Whoever you are, whoever they are. It’s the overall balance when you’ve worked out all the difficult shit after months or years that really counts. And that’s not something I’ve seen you (talk about) do(ing). And it’s not something I actually have any right to expect you to do – I’m a blog reading pleb afterall.

        I know you find posts like this annoying – mostly because I’ve seen you annoyed by posts like this that I’ve made in the past – but there’s far more to you than we can ever understand from this blog, and there’s something behind the difficulty that you’ve not chosen to share. It’s not just about the simple mathematics of happiness, should such a calculation ever be possible.

        P.S. Never, ever settle for less. But don’t stop fighting for more. The status quo is a shitty marsh that traps you and wastes the precious years of your life. Unless the status quo is actually Status Quo. In which case it’s kinda okay to enjoy it in a guilty pleasure kinda way…

        1. “I know you find posts like this annoying – mostly because I’ve seen you annoyed by posts like this that I’ve made in the past”

          I don’t get annoyed hearing people’s thoughts or having them ask me questions or present ideas or experiences that make me think: On the contrary, I enjoy it.

          What annoys me is when strangers tell me “you should do [a thing]” because they think they somehow know me and my life better than I do: It’s patronising and it’s insulting.

          You’ve done much better in this comment because you didn’t do the ‘you should’ bit at all, so I’m going to happily assume that you learnt something from my previous annoyance. Well done you :).


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