The model and the priest

Continuing on with my theme about liars from my previous post: Two stand-outs of ‘men who I didn’t believe, and who I called out’. Neither of them were potential submissives, but still.

The Model

A 6’6 fucking model hottie who was lighting up Fetlife with hot pictures.

OBVIOUSLY stolen photos *eyeroll*.

After quite a few of his photos hit ‘Kinky and Popular*’, thanks to women thirsty for hot bods, I got so annoyed that I challenged him, like ‘come on, dude’.
*(K&P shows photos that get the most loves and comments, and it’s mostly full of very non-kinky photos of hot young white women giving blow jobs and etc like you’d find in everyday porn)

I reverse-image searched his photos (because of course I did): They were all over the internet. Those photos were plastered all over some professional model’s pages everywhere, there was also his instagram account listing the agent representing him, the whole deal. Easy to steal.

I called him a liar in the comments below one of his very popular pictures. He pushed back.

“No no, it’s me!” etc.

SURE IT IS, PAL! Who’s gonna use their professional pics on a fetish site?! Pffft!

I don’t know why he didn’t just ignore me (he had hundreds and hundreds of swooning women in his comments) but he didn’t. Some of the women got pretty mad at me though (white knights riding to his rescue! :)).

So he came back with: “Message me on my instagram and I’ll reply, I promise :).”

Me: “Mmhmmm” *more eyerolling*

His instagram account was not new, it was years old. From waaayyy back. With the contact details for a legit modelling agency to book him for work.

I was curious enough to actually send him a message there, thinking all the while that this faker’s public posturing at me on Fetlife was all just a show to convince his slavering fans he was for real.

But he replied there, all “Hi yes, it’s me :).”


Holy shit WTF $#^Y^%$#*^%@#%!!!


I apologised in public where I’d been having a go at him, and sent him a private message where I also apologised. He said he absolutely understood why I had a go at him about it, thought it was actually reasonable given identity theft and fraud. He was super sweet. I gave him dire warnings about online safety and the risks of using his professional photos on Fetlife.

He was genuinely lovely.

He told me he was going to leave Fetlife, that the influx of attention wasn’t what he had expected or wanted (me scoffing at the ‘women aren’t visual’ trope all the while, dude was catnip).

I offered to help him be less… catnip and more ‘actual person’.

Then he deleted his account and disappeared.

The Priest

I was contacted by a very senior member of some order of the Catholic church (honestly, I forget which, but he was all over youtube giving sermons in white and gold robes if that helps).

He gave me his full name up-front. Weird, right?

He was conflicted, confused by his submissive feelings. I was fine to chat with him, I chat to a lot of people, I don’t care who they are.

I also don’t care if they’re lying to me (unless they’re potentials or I get annoyed: see above and my previous post :P).

He wanted help/advice/a sounding board. Okay.

Of course I knew he was lying. Because (again!), come on!

But his conflict was interesting to me, so I was happy to chat to him about it.

He kept insisting that I had to believe he was who he said he was, and it got to the point that I got annoyed about it (see a theme here? :P).

“Look, dude, if you want me to believe you, then send me some proof,” I said. This was a throw away, I didn’t expect him to do it. Because liar!



It was just… so very unlikely.

Huh. So, wrong again!

Anyway we had a falling out when he said something awful unrelated to what we were talking about. You know, the kind of thing you might expect of someone traditional in the Catholic church to say, and I BIG TIME noped out of that conversation

TL;DR The fact that I’ve been wronger than a wrong thing TWICE about liars, and right innumerable times explains the feels.

So I’m eyeing off genuinely great emails in my inbox with the kind of suspicion a very very paranoid person would show

And I Do. Not. Like. It

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  1. The news headline that Ferns was wrong has been preempted by the news that, last night, hell froze of over. 8-)

    Seriously, loved this post. You’re a hoot, and I always like seeing you pop up in my RSS feed!

  2. Posting these was a great idea. They are really funny to read and we need all the funny we can get right now.

  3. I have only ever been wrong once, when I thought I was mistaken, but it turned out I was actually right.
    Teh Uber Twue Domme

  4. Wow! I have been suspicious and then totally wrong — i.e. the men were representing themselves truthfully– 3 times. (For context: online dating as a Domme.) One of the men was jaw-droppingly wealthy. I didn’t believe him, but he was really charming on the phone so I met him in public anyway, and he was indeed the person he said he was. We didn’t really click (he isn’t attractive, though is smart and charming) and I am not a gold digger and didn’t go out on another date. One of them was so gorgeous that I thought he had stolen model pictures — he hadn’t, though unlike your actual model, he didn’t have an agent. He was sweet and nice to play with but not a long-term thing. The third was a well-known gay porn star (I have a thing for bi guys), who sent me to his website and such, and I was like, yeah, right. He then sent me verifying photos, and we had several dates, and whoo that boy was fun! Though none of them quite as amazingly unbelievable as your priest!

    1. LOL: Super fun stories, thank you for sharing :)).

      I’m glad positive things came out of meeting the not-liars :).


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