Yes, it’s about you

I’ve mentioned quite a few times that I’m a bit like a stereotypical man when it comes to orgasms. I come once, hard, and then I lose interest. I’m done.

When I came at least twice with him each time, my pleasure was multiplied by watching him realise that that was about him.

It was not ‘a thing’ he did (though there was that too), it was just… him. And I could see the realisation dawn on him over the short time we had together.

‘I did this…’

‘She’s not normally like this… I’m sure she said that…’

‘Holy fuck, it’s me. I DID THIS!’


*laugh* Oh god. The revelation was so fucking good.

And yes. Yes it was totally about you.

** I found this in my drafts and am not sure who it’s about, so I guess the ‘who’ doesn’t matter anymore.

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  1. Well, whoever it is about, is about to become insufferable. Since I am already insufferable, I’m gokng to assume its about me.

    Oh, great piece. Very hot

  2. Heh… I have done something similar. Found drafts that later I have no idea what the specific incident was about. It’s a weird feeling.

  3. You are missing out! Yes, your feelings for a partner can make a difference, but that just goes to show it is all a matter of your own mind. Even men can learn to become multi-orgasmic, you know!

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