Because I have a cute bra…

© ‘Cute bra’ by & of Ferns, Domme Chronicles

That is all.

* Found this in my drafts, there is a LOT of stuff in there…

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  1. One of my to-do items this past long weekend was to go through my drafts folder. I didn’t get it done – there are still sixty-five (!) in there.

    That is a cute bra. ????

    1. Thank you :).

      I have 180 drafts now (I’ve used 7 or 8 since the start of February).

      Though the concept of ‘draft’ is generous. Many are ‘incoherent notes to myself’ :P.


  2. This post reeks of both desperation and determination! It has the shit must post something feel tempered with I will do this :)
    Bravo Ferns

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