Love is a polaroid

I’m a reckless mistake
I’m a cold night’s intake
I’m a one night too long
I’m a come on too strong

I’m a hold my cards close
I’m a wreck what I love most
I’m a first class let down
I’m a shut up sit down

I am the color of boom
That’s never arriving
And you are the opera
Always on time and in tune
And I am the color of boom

How did it come to this
Love is a polaroid
Better in picture
But never can fill the void
Love is a polaroid
—from Imagine Dragons – Polaroid

This is a teaser for, my soon-to-be-posted birthday nude.


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  1. Always wishing i could call You Mistress, but i’m half the world away, so i’ll just dream a blurry Polaroid dream of You for now!! Love ~ David

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