Ankle straps

Kind-of shoes, kind-of almost boots, kind-of kinky heels… with toe peepage and cleavage (why is toe cleavage so dirty-hot? Discuss), plus zippers, rivets and ankle straps!! I am a sucker for ankle straps…

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  1. Pete: “Hmm crazy hot thanks Ferns.”

    You're welcome!

    ” And sorry I don't know why toe cleavage is so dirty hot, but it is.”

    I know! Shades of arse, breast, pussy in the cleavage thing, really… It just seems… odd to make that link, but I guess we do somehow.


  2. I think it's all about the air of mystery. You can only see the tip of the iceburg. Something like that…..but cleavage of most varieties is hot.

    @Coug Hairy builder butt just makes me want to spank. :D Or plumbers crack. Or just about anybody whose pants are too low. If you're going to have it out there for everybody to see….it's fair game!

  3. all these comments and not one person asked where the shoes could be purchased. i myself would love to own those if you are willing to disclose where i might acquire my own pair. hopefully somewhere online that ships to the states.

  4. Anonymous: “all these comments and not one person asked where the shoes could be purchased.”

    *~smile~* Now that you mention it, I am surprised also that no-one has asked. I bought them at Myer, which is a department store here. Unfortunately I had to take them back because one of the rivets gave out… boo hiss… and can't recall the brand (Marc Jacobs, Kenneth Cole or Guess seem most likely)…


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