Settling in

The move went smoothly, my new place was clear of mess and liveable by the end of the first day (a promise I made to myself because clutter stresses me out and I did NOT want to wake up to stacks of boxes everywhere the following morning).

Though by ‘liveable’ I don’t mean that everything was all done and dusted. I’m not magic!

I mean that I had Carl (my coffee machine) ready to go for the morning (along with coffee, mug, milk, sugar: priority 1!), the kitchen was unpacked, the fridge had food in it, the living and dining room furniture were in place, my bed was assembled and had clean sheets, the basic bathroom necessities were in the ensuite, and I had clothes to wear.

Most importantly, the main living and sleeping areas were all clear of boxes and random mess.

The second bedroom was the ‘to-do’ zone: It was literally corner-to-corner full of boxes. But I could just close the door and pretend for the first day or so that it didn’t exist until I wanted to tackle it.

By early evening on moving day, I was having champagne on my couch, looking out over the park to the glimpses of surf, and making peace with the change.

In the last couple of weeks, I have been settling in.

Not just unpacking (though of course a lot of that), but working to make this apartment feel like home, getting used to its idiosyncrasies, figuring out how I will live in it.

I’ve been hanging artworks, doing projects with contact paper (not yer gramma’s contact paper!), cleaning cupboards, the oven (ick!), building shelves, putting up curtains, buying homemaker items (a lamp, cutting board, rug, sink protectors, drawer liners, storage tubs, couch cushions), forming new routines.

I still have full boxes in the second bedroom and no room to put the contents anywhere, so there is still work to be done: I’m just keeping the door shut until I manage to organise it into something less disorderly.

It doesn’t feel like home yet. That will take some more time.

But it will soon enough.

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  1. Enjoy your new home Ferns, it’s great being able to get a place just the way you want it. I wonder what insights & musings you’ll cook up for us in this, your new space!

  2. Strangely enough, I’m in the moving process myself. I’ll be moving across the country to Florida in mid-October. I’m winding down at my current job and decided to sell-give away 90% of my belongs.. packing up my car and driving across country to a new place and new start. I’ll be staying with my daughter until I get settled. Have lots of friends there so it’s not as scary as it sounds. It seems there is a shift in the wind of changing directions and locations for many.

    Reading about your move has given me more confirmation of the major shift in my own life. And it makes me smile at your determination to live life on your terms…no matter how uncomfortable some changes may be to get there.

    Best wishes and love my friend.

    ~ Vista

    1. That is a big change! No doubt your daughter will be delighted to have you closer, and yes, having lots of friends there already makes it a lot less scary. Fun even :).

      I hope it all goes smoothly for you and isn’t too stressful.

      Cheers to new adventures!


  3. It’ll feel like home once you fuck something up and have to live with it every day. May I recommend:

    – coffee on the carpet next to your bed
    – red wine on the carpet tiles next to your toilet
    – your own blood spurts on the kitchen wall next to the chopping board, a blood trail on the carpet leading from the kitchen to the bathroom, and tear stains overlapping the red wine stain next to the toilet

    And to help you housewarm here is “Homeward Bound” from the incomparable Simon and Garfunkel.


    I lied, that’s a much better song.

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