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Thanks to all who expressed an opinion about the new template.

Final results:

76% liked this one better

22% liked the previous

2% said ‘Who the hell cares?!’, which I interpret as “I really don’t mind, I come here to read your writing, and you can present it in any manner you see fit, it is fine with me…”

None of you fessed up to finding the poll boring.

Look, here’s a graph!! (I find graphs are very valuable for presenting vital and complex information, especially when there is the chance for confusion…)

So, I’m keeping it. The graph says so.

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  1. Tom: “…where are the pictures of your new shoes?”

    I have christened the other pair of shoes I recently bought 'Betty Boop shoes'. There may be a picture coming. Or maybe not! It is hard to say…


  2. “So, I'm keeping it. The graph says so”

    Well, I'm glad THAT'S settled. You made the right choice too. Remember, pie charts don't lie. (usually)

  3. slapshot: “Well, I'm glad THAT'S settled.”

    Phew, me too. Finally, we will all be able to get a good nights sleep!


  4. Anonymous: “Lol, you are so cute Ferns…..”

    *laugh* Oh god, that SO made me laugh!

    I don't get called cute much (I can't understand that, I am 5'10 inches of undeniable frigging cuteness!). Thank you my anonymous friend…


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