Moving house %$#^&!

So I’ve mentioned my unstable living situation a few times now, so it’s no surprise that I’m moving.

Packing doesn’t seem like such a big thing. It’s a vague ‘I hate packing’ thing until you are in it.

It’s not the big things that are painful: Empty contents of wardrobe into a box, there, done.

It’s the millions of little things that make it such a daunting task.

That and the overwhelming urge to do a pre-move cleanout, which has me rifling through cupboards, running to the charity shop, posting things on ebay, and crying over photos of my dead mother punctuated by notes from my dead Aunt.

It is beyond stressful.

I am at the stage now where I am made happy by finding a box that will fit a difficult-to-pack thing. I mean, I am genuinely filled with glee by it.

Apparently this is my life now.

I don’t have time to write this post, but doing things I don’t have time to do is what I do when I don’t want to do a thing I have to do…

Boxes and tape and lots of swearing.

To top it all off, getting internet connected at the new place is likely to take at least a week. I am freaking out. No internet?!! WHAT EVEN IS LIFE WITHOUT THE INTERNET??! I WILL BE KILLING MY OWN FOOD AND TRYING TO COOK IT OVER AN OPEN FIRE LIKE A SAVAGE!

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  1. Leaving the beach? Wow, that seemed like the ultimate place. Best wishes in the move. My experience is that moves are always stressful, but the settling into the new place is fun and relaxing after the major stuff is put away and you can live there relatively normally again.

    Enjoy the lack of internet for that week. I find a week is actually relaxing and helps me focus on things I would never get to with the demands of being constantly connected…

    1. Nooooo, not leaving the beach, and it is pretty much the ultimate place :).

      I’m starting to look forward to the new place now: It’s super cute, the only downside is that it’s smaller (I’m currently considering the second bedroom to be nothing more than a large cupboard…).

      “Enjoy the lack of internet…”


      Thanks for the good wishes. It’s hateful, but it will be fine (of course :)).


  2. I really don’t want to move out of my apartment until either I’m moving into a house I own or to a new town for a new job. And it’s not even like I have the “ultimate place” like you’ve had. Moving is just that annoying.

    1. I can understand that.

      Though ‘annoying’ doesn’t begin to cover it: I’d go with ‘expensive and stressful’ (for a start!).


  3. I have done that many, many times before. Officially it may not rank *that* high in the most stressful life events, but I think it’s under-ranked. I am sick to death of doing it and hope to never have to move city again, at the very least. Move address at some point is inevitable, but hopefully the same *part* of this city at least.

    If you are lucky, it will only take a week to get Internet. My brother moved earlier this year and it took a month. Telstra discovered that they had never connected phones to that address, ever, and had to dig-up his new garden and lay cables to the house. One move I had took two weeks because the phones had been disused so long, no one knew who owned the lines and who had to replace them (Telstra vs Optus dispute). Don’t worry, we Aussies are currently ranked 60th in the world for Internet: it’s a great time!

    1. Ugh: ‘many many times’ sounds awful.

      I looked up life stressors and found it interesting that ‘marital reconciliation’ was near the top. Huh, who knew?!

      Telstra were surprisingly good (in particular, they rang me consistently with updates), and once they were good to go, it took 3 working days. My internet is not with them though, and I couldn’t line it up until the phone service was live (it’s like living in the middle ages here!), so I’ll see soon enough how long that takes.

      Surprisingly, there is a Telstra hotspot here, so I coughed up for interim connectivity.


      1. Please tell us you are not getting a Telstra landline (obsolete) or (gasp) are on their mobile service. So many cheaper, better options ..

        1. I did not, but Telstra still owned the infrastructure here for internet, so they were involved anyway.


  4. I sure know how that goes. I’ve lived in five different places in the last ten years and almost came close to moving again, just this week. Rather than packing, I’d just as soon just burn the place to the ground, scorched earth style, and start all over. Of course, the local constabulary, as well as my immediate neighbours, would probably take a dim view of that particular course of action.

    In any case, I hope that the ordeal of the move (especially the lack of internet)comes to a speedy and happy conclusion

    1. Yikes! For me the stress was a slow burn from the moment they said they were selling the place, so *more* than just the ‘moving’ bit, it was also the ‘unsettled’ months leading up to it.

      I had the living spaces and bedroom liveable on day one, so I was happy. The rest is being slowly sorted out (ref: all the incessant whining on twitter :P).


  5. Eeee I remember when that there interwebby thingy was all fields me! Good luck with move, I hope the movers are all hunky coke commercial guys and the like for you

  6. Hope it goes smoothly. A miserable job, made tolerable/even miserabler by the emotional toll of sorting through your life via photographs and notes of loved ones. Only Ferns makes a moving post moving.

    1. Thank you *smile*.

      The pre-move sorting and clearing out is always hard when you run into sentimental pieces, whatever form they may take. It’s obviously easier to just avoid it altogether and just move everything, but my new place is a lot smaller than my old place, so it had to be done.


  7. Actually moving can be exciting – it is the @#$%ing packing that sucks – I think. Then you have to unpack. Which is almost as bad. And of course, living – before and after the move – while things are packed, and needing that one thing – WHERE IS IT???!!!. I know I packed it right here! (Things move between boxes by themselves – I swear- I have never actually seen them move – but I am pretty sure they do!).

    If you do catch something to eat, and cook it over an open campfire, can I have some too?
    (If you just camping, I am thinking that you did not get a very good deal on a lease).

    If you do not catch something, let me know and maybe I can catch something for us to eat. I have stuff in the freezer, I mean. I can catch those things. And I can cook them, too – and some will be edible (probably… maybe … OK, fine! I can serve ice cream!).

    I love the humor you displayed.

    Now, get back to work! And do not forget to label the boxes. It may help prevent things from moving between boxes by themselves (but probably not)!

    1. I am an excellent labeller (is SO a word!) and STILL I have no idea where some things are. It’s okay, they aren’t urgent. I mean who needs bras anyway, amirite?!

      And ice cream is always good with me *smile*.


    1. I have a feeling you are rickrolling me and I am hesitant to click on your dodgy link!!


      *laugh* OMG. Okay. No, no you shouldn’t have linked to that :P.


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