The fabulous Stella Gibson


I’ve just watched Season 1 of The Fall.

It amuses me greatly that Jamie Dornan is essentially playing the next chapter of Christian Grey as a stalkery creep, only in this iteration he actually kills the women he stalks.

But that’s not why I’m mentioning it.

I’m mentioning it for the very brief liaison Gillian Anderson’s character, Stella Gibson, has with a young detective. It’s really short, but you’ll see why I loved it.

Loves: 4
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  1. Powerful, wonderful, thanks so much for bringing it to attention. So going to have to binge watch that this weekend!

  2. That scene is scorchingly hot and turns me on like crazy every time I view it particularly the final section. Gillian Anderson oozes red hot sexuality like few women do and I wish she would do more sex scenes in her career.

  3. And for me, that does nothing. I learned a long time ago that I don’t get turned on by strangers or images of sex or videos. However! I’m super glad you posted it because I adore Anderson and now have something new to watch! Huzzah!

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