Manage your own shit

If a submissive contacts me with a friendly email and it’s clear (or becomes clear) that they are partnered, I don’t go and ask their dominant if it’s okay that we interact (not flirting, not arranging a hookup, just having friendly conversation). I assume that we are all adults and they can make their own decisions. It’s not my job to police other people’s relationships.

So if I’m corresponding with a submissive and I get an email from their partner that says something akin to ‘WTF?! HAVE YOU NO RESPECT?!’ my response is going to be bafflement that whatever problem they have with their own boundaries has somehow become MY issue instead of an issue between them.

Seriously: it’s nothing to do with me.

My reaction is going to be to block both of them.

Because ‘get your idiotic melodrama the hell out of my inbox, both of you!’

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    1. I don’t see why someone would go through the trouble for that. If someone is going to flirt with her, why ruin it by bringing in a second persona…

      It still sucks, nonetheless. Sorry this crap happens to you Ferns. :(

  1. It’s right up there with if you have a problem with me speak to Mistress/Master TwuelyDom in the stupidity stakes I’d say Ferns

  2. Yeesh, some people’s children. If I were flirting with someone who turned out to be partnered I would probably ask if I could talk with their partner just to be on the safe side (I’ve been burned by people whose partners were not quite as poly as I’d been lead to believe) but what on earth is the problem with having a friendly chat with someone?

    That’s one bit of stupid I’ve been spared so far, but if it ever happens to me I’m going to steal your “not my circus, not my monkeys” approach and block them both :)

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