Zing zing, baby

Finally, an easier way to get the zing zing!!


Can someone get on that and send me one, please? I need two of them of course (duh!), but I already have one… I just need the matching pair…

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  1. Friz Q.: “I like to think it was somehow the murder weapon.”

    *laugh* I was thinking more along the lines of “You call this zing?! Really?!! This is pure unadulterated FRAUD, your honour!”


  2. Friz Q.: “Goodness. A counterfeit Zing racket?”

    This is what happens when you try to get the real deal in a back alley off a guy called Bobby Z.

    “What kind of world is this?”

    It is a rough world, young Friz, and a scary one. Come with me down this dark little alley, I will show you some *real* zings… for cheap… *coos…*


  3. WOW… A pet rock with an afro. Why the hell didn't I think of that?… I need another beer.

    Yes Ferns. I found one in your size and color and it's on it's way

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