My sister will be here with me for my birthday on Friday. She will arrive tomorrow, so I will be struggling under the weight of her company already by the time Friday comes around.

We will drink too much champagne, talk too loudly, gesture too wildly, eat too much junk food.

On Friday evening, we will get dressed up like we never do, put on make up, and heels, and we will go out for cocktails and a fabulous dinner, swishing about like a couple of 6’2 polar opposite twins, she with her dark bob, me with my longer blonde locks. We will get at least one person exclaiming how alike we look, an observation at which we will scoff because it’s so untrue, and we will make faces at each other because it always happens, so we both know it has a grain of truth despite our scepticism.

And the day after my birthday we will be worse for wear, tired and a little sorry in the morning chill. Her daughter will arrive with my Dad and the three generations, my entire family in this country, will put on our celebration faces and there will be some presents and lunch somewhere with a view, and probably more champagne.

And I will be exhausted by the time they leave the day after that. Five days of company, I will be working hard to be civil, and they will see it and they will know. They are used to me by now.

And despite the fact that I will be itching for them to leave, I will truly be grateful for them, and I know that they will forgive me my lack of grace. They are good and fine people who love me: my sister will have flown in from Fiji, my niece will have flown down from up north, and my dad will have driven more than an hour to spend this time with me.

I’m very lucky.

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  1. Happy early birthday! It feels so good to know I’m not the only one who feels that way when family rolls around.

  2. Any errr pictures of your sister for errr research purposes, preferably side by side witn matching revealing outfits? It’s errr for a friend or science or some such. And you know Happy Birthday even though you ignored mine *pout*

    1. Thank you! And I didn’t ignore yours. I was out getting hammered in solidarity :P.

      Also you’re grossing me out with your suggestion. Ew!


  3. Good to count your blessings before you start counting the minutes till the blessings get the heck out of your space!

    My brother and I look nothing alike. Yet I can’t believe how many people don’t realize I’m far taller and more handsome.

    Have wonderful birthday!!!

    (Btw my brother just moved to Fiji. Wonder if he’s met your sister?? I’ll tell him to look for a tall woman with a dark bob.)

    1. Heh… I hear ya! I can’t believe how many people can’t see that I am obviously far younger and more attractive than my sister. ARE YOU BLIND?!

      Fiji is small. I’m sure they are best buds by now :).


  4. That is one of the most beautiful, honest, heart felt posts I’ve ever read. I’m not sure why it effected me so much but it did.

    I think it was the honest introspection suffused with the obvious love of family.

    Happy Birthday Ferns. Enjoy your family and then have a nice glass of wine and relax after they leave.

    1. Aw, thank you, I’m glad it touched you.

      For all of the making fun and my tetchiness, I do appreciate them.

      Thank you for the birthday wishes :).


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