“No man will ever have this…”

When I was a lesbian, one of the things that turned me on, wildly and stupidly, was the thought that ‘no man will ever have this…’

When we tangled up together, all long limbs and smooth skin, when I traced her amazing breasts, when she thrust her cunt into my mouth, when she reached to kiss me, when she showed off her perfect body, when she writhed with pleasure, when she made that ‘ohhh’ sound of arousal, when she moaned, when she fucked herself on me, when she tensed all of her muscles and came for me.

Particularly when my mouth tasted her cunt, when she reacted to my tongue, when she arched up for more, when her nipples hardened under my touch, when she made helpless inarticulate sounds for me.

All of that.

“No man will ever have this.”

I don’t know why it turned me on, that thought, but it did. By god, it did. Somehow the knowledge that some imaginary man would never have what was mine was ridiculously hot. An unhealthy thought perhaps, but my goodness, so hot.

I was right.

No man ever did.

I am somehow stupidly happy about that.

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  1. I have no idea what this post could be about Ferns, you can’t be a lesbian I would have got the memo and the toaster oven. Cos you know we all know each other and such like

  2. Damn Ferns don’t do that… I liked it just fine thinking of you as a straight Domme… Kidding, still like you, might even like you a bit more after that post… That might have something to do with my own bi-sexuality and what effect the thought of a dominant woman do to me ofcourse!

  3. I love that thought: that no man can have this. I am a man and love that kind of ‘sovereign’ statement. I say ‘sovereign’ because it speaks of a kind of female sovereignty over men, who, as you say, ‘cannot have this’.

    1. Interesting spin. And you make a good point, which I don’t like much: that I was looking at ‘us’ and still somehow looking outside at ‘the menz’. Ugh.


    1. Yes, and I didn’t even have to feel bad about it because she would have plenty of no-ball balls to play with and that was perfectly okay with me.


  4. I am imagining being a gay man and feeling something analogous as I enjoy his smooth hardness entering me. It took so long to spring Eros from the cage of “immorality”, that it felt wrong for a moment to consider the pleasure of exclusion. But I get that when you choose to enjoy it, it creates no real limit.

    1. “The pleasure of exclusion” for me came, at least in part, from the fact that we were young attractive women and men thought they were entitled to our bodies and our attention and clamoured for it. I think if it weren’t for THAT socialised experience the idea of ‘aw hell no!’ would not have been as erotic as it was.


  5. Intimacy is naturally exclusive. Doesn’t matter if it’s a man or woman – intimacy is by its nature who’s there and who’s not.

    I’m glad you had the experience you did – it sounds wonderful and sexy and intensely personal and I enjoyed reading your recollections of the counter.

    However, I am really, really curious as to why the encounter you had is made more special because you felt people of a certain sex or gender might be excluded.

    You indicate that you have no idea why that might be, but could it possibly be because you feel threatened by and jealous of men – who are typically better at playing darts, pretending they know what they’re doing under a car’s bonnet and hitting dangerous insects and reptiles with spades?

    1. It’s a good question: I think I answered it in my comment above.

      Also the ‘pretending they know what they’re doing under a car’s bonnet’ thing. For sure. Hellishly annoying.


  6. FFS I HAVE TO QUIT GOING THROUGH YOUR BLOG AT WORK!!! *squirms uncomfortably*

    I don’t know how the hell I ever missed this post!

    Fucking hell I need a cold shower. Unf

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