Whose bicep is that?

Some of the Ferns Workout Crew (#fwocrew) are participating in a little game of ‘whose bicep is that?’ (thanks @DommeFarenheit for the idea!). You’re most welcome to join in if you want *smile*!

We have each submitted a bicep picture (on the right below) and I’ve put our twitter names on the left. Of course the object is to match them up (A-3 for example).

It’s a fun bit of silliness that … Continue Reading

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Reader Q&A: Genderfluidity, LDR to live-in & attraction

Q&A time!

These questions came in from some lovely readers via my Ask Me page. I do love that you ask me things, thank you for them!

In case you sent one in and don’t see it here, no this is NOT all of them… the post got really long, so I saved some for later.

So let’s goooo…


Dear Ferns,

I recently came across your first book while researching for a speech I’m … Continue Reading

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Weekend with my First

We met at my gym. Me waiting impatiently. My First driving in from the airport.

We were both smiling as he walked in, a big hug hello, a kiss on the lips (did I go for the cheek? I can’t remember, but already I felt how soft his mouth was, how his touch lingered just a microsecond too long). A quick visual familiarisation, a reconciliation of ancient memory with the man in front of me.… Continue Reading

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My brain is annoying as fuck

The way my brain works is really annoying to me sometimes.

It will spin on a thought and refuse to let it go, and I will spend way too much time and energy talking to myself about it, going round and round in circles.

When the sex-voiced Texan cut off communication, there was a niggling fear that ‘something’ had happened. But I let it go because I’m not one of those people who makes excuses … Continue Reading

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