Domme in a rubber catsuit


I went flyboarding a few weeks ago.

“A flyboard is a type of water jetpack… A flyboard rider stands on a board connected by a long hose to a watercraft. Water is forced under pressure to a pair of boots with jet nozzles underneath which provide thrust for the rider to fly up to 15 metres in the air or to dive headlong through the water.”Wikipedia

And when they say ‘dive headlong through the water’, they really mean ‘crash inelegantly while screaming’.

It looks like I’m doing something fancy in these fabulous action shots, but both of them were taken seconds before the aforementioned inelegant crashing…


flyboarding fall
Huge fun *smile*!!

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    1. I can *always* get more frickin’ awesome *laugh*.

      You should absolutely have a go. It’s SO MUCH FUN! And it’s not as hard as it looks, especially if you are well balanced and coordinated (I’m neither, but I still managed to get up and have a decent go at it).


  1. That is friggin AWESOMELY AWESOME me want
    Mind you think in the UK probably not as awesome due to frostbite and disease ridden water X(

  2. Wow, that looks wild, never heard of it. How long did you stay upright before crashing? Looks like control would be tough…

    1. It’s a hell of a lot easier than it looks (surprising, but true).

      Getting up was okay for me, but I couldn’t stay up long because I seriously have no sense of where my body is in space (which is why I’m horribly uncoordinated) so trying to position my feet parallel to the water was hit-and-miss (mostly ‘miss’!). My tendency was to lift my toes, so I’d fall backwards, and even though I KNEW I was doing that, I couldn’t really ‘feel’ what the right foot position was, so it was hard to self correct.

      If you don’t have that affliction, you’d do great!


  3. Hi Ferns:

    Outstanding!!! We saw some folks using one of those in Cancun a few years ago. It looked very James Bond until the ‘crash inelegantly while screaming’ part. There was a lot of that but it was still pretty darn cool! You totally rock Ferns!



    1. *laugh* It’s hard to look ‘James Bond’ when you are flailing about and face planting, it has to be said…

      I did have quite a few successful ‘rise out of the water like some religious icon’ type moments more than the ‘zoom about like cool uber spy’ type moments.


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