How to kiss

This is going to sound kind of stupid, but do you have any kissing tips? I feel like I don’t know how to kiss properly lol

Aw bless you anon: It’s not stupid and it’s really difficult to answer.

Not least because kissing is all about compatibility: someone who is a great kisser for one person might be a terrible match for another person. Not everyone likes the same kind of kissing.

Don’t be afraid to tell your partner that you are shy, nervous, not experienced, invite them to guide you to kiss them how they like to be kissed.


Okay, some kissing tips that work for me:

  • Don’t go straight into an open mouthed tongue-kiss like some hungry maw opening up the jaws of death and shoving a snake down there
  • You are tasting something, someone, delicious, take your time, no rushing
  • *Feel* every touch, pay attention to how your partner’s breath feels against your skin, how soft their lips are, how lovely it is just to be that close
  • Touch their face or neck when you kiss, bring them close
  • Start with slow, soft, gentle exploratory kisses, keep your lips soft, let them cling to your partner’s lips when you kiss
  • Pay attention to their reactions: if it seems they like something, do more of that
  • Use your tongue to *taste* them, start slowly, maybe the tip of your tongue to lick just inside their mouth
  • Touch their tongue with yours when they offer it, but don’t tackle it, lick, move on
  • Take notice of how they are responding and match them so that you are in it together and in synch
  • Vary the pressure, kiss harder, then draw back a little to see if they will reach for you
  • Build up to full-mouthed hot-tongued passionate kissing: it’s still kissing, but closer to devouring them, like their mouth is some kind of candy that you want to take a bite of, but can only mouth, lick, suck at
  • Ease off to breath, swallow, or otherwise regroup
  • If you feel like moaning, whimpering, gasping or otherwise making noises into their mouth, do it. Hot.

I hope that helps.


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      1. Semester? *ugh* Shudder. Flashbacks to finals weeks.

        Naw, receiving biting, that’s the fun. Ya know, nuzzling in and shoving an earlobe into the mouth and whimpering? That’s sorta fun *grin*

  1. A prose kiss: just reading it quickens the pulse and sets my mouth awatering. You write so darn well, Ferns! Mmmwah!

  2. You forgot the very first step: asking “may I kiss you now?” and hearing a “yes”.

    (At least if you’re on a university campus in California, per recently passed state law.)


    1. Oh anonymous, what a can of worms this is.

      If we are going to go back to ‘very first steps’, then we have to set the entire context for the interaction in the first place, no? Appropriate context, then enthusiastic mutual participation.

      Let’s assume it’s done *waves magic wand*.


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