Going away…

So I’m off to Fiji for a couple of weeks. I KNOW, RIGHT?!! Fun!! *smile*

If you followed me on twitter or tumblr you would already know this (why don’t you follow me on twitter or tumblr??!). You would also know a lot more about me than you probably need to know, frankly…

I will have internet access, but may not have the interest or time to post while I’m busy snorkelling and swimming and kayaking and bike riding and diving and drinking and and… well, you know… doing holiday things!

If I was a proper blogger, I’d have a bunch of excellent, thought provoking, fascinating or scorching hot posts all queued up ready to dazzle you in my absence, but since I’m a bit crap and totally lazy and most of my posts are spur of the moment, I don’t have anything lined up at all.

Please feel free to miss me while I’m gone: I like to be missed. It’s one of my most favourite things!

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  1. Pffft Fiji really how droll

    Not at all jealous or anything nuh huh

    Have a smashing time and you know don’t go with strange men unless you’ve informed the local police department, the Australian embassy and your next of kin cos otherwise it’s TEH DANEJERUS

  2. I actually will miss you. I wanted to wish you a good and safe trip, but was stuck pulling 16 1/2 hours straight at work. I am kind of sad I didn’t get to wish you a good trip. :(

    I will be waiting for you to return though. I miss our chats.


  3. Hey Miss Ferns, what are the chances of your drumming up some hot squelching action while you’re out in Fiji? :-)

  4. Thanks for the good wishes, folks *smile*.

    I’m back safe and sound. The holiday was wonderful, though I am now exhausted from all the ‘doing stuff’ and ‘being with people’ that holidays tend to entail.

    Still, I wrote a thing, so there’s that!!


    1. So was there any hot custard/wellie squelchy action then ?

      Hey you were ALL thinking it, I just had the cheek to ask

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