Oh look, my butt!

I really want to write something awesome and fascinating, but I just can’t get my head into the right place for all of those words…

So here, have a picture of my ass instead.

yes its my arse

*Insert uber-domly demands for kissing and worship here…*

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  1. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and this arse is definitely worth looking at and very worship-worthy! ;)

  2. I would have to agree with Paddledhusband, very inspiring and worship worth..and also fucking hilaroius!


  3. It’s BUTT WEEK on the uncensored forum…. in case you want to share!!

    Hehe… very cute ass BTW! :P

    1. It is either/or, as the decision on what to call it is arbitrary and the options are many and varied.

      For the record, my tags already cover arse, ass, backside, bottom, bum, butt, buttocks, derrière, fanny, rear, tush…


  4. That’s not an ass, that’s an arse!
    Jeez Ferns of all people I’d expect YOU to know the difference


    1. Ms Ferns has a pretty big following on this side of the pond, so you have to excuse her dropping into American usages at times.

    2. Tom’s right, I am all multicultural and that.

      I will have you know that in crowd-sourcing the terminology, ‘derrière’ came out as the winner, but really… that’s just being tres pretentious!!


  5. This looks familiar, Have I seen this picture of your butt before?

    I’d better finish this comment before the drool shorts out my keyboard.

    1. Yes, I pimped my arse on twitter already, you must have already drooled over there. I am double dipping with my arse…heh.

      *wipes up the drool before…bbbzzzzzttttt…*


  6. I happened upon this lovely post and photo serendipitously. How could I not click on a link that says “Oh look, here’s my butt? ”

    As a confirmed legs and ass man, I must say that the way your shapely thighs flow seamlessly into your lovely firm arse has all the makings of a beautiful sculpture. To be admired. *Mouth is watering at the thought of how this veiled sculpture feels and tastes *

  7. I am jealous of the man that will some day wake up to this every day. I want to be a gentleman, but I can’t help it… that’s a nice ass. Now if only there was a way to kiss it.

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