I was looking up minor comic super heroes the other day and came across some (lots!) I’d never heard of.

A few of the best ones (and by ‘best’ I mean ‘lamest super heroes EVARRR’!!):

Stone Boy

His super power is *turning himself into stone*.

“Gadzooks, someone is being MURDERED!!! Let me help you!!! LOOK, SUDDENLY I’M A ROCK!! HA HA! FOILED YOU, MURDERERS!!”

Gin Genie

She can generate ground tremors. Alcohol helped or increased her power. Aw yeah…

*hic* Oops, wiped out a city! Oh well!! BARTENDER!!

Arm Fall Off Boy

He can rip his own arm off and beat people with it. Seriously. Look, a picture!

This makes me laugh out loud every time I think about it. OMG hilarious!!

Anyway, the point of this is just to show off that I’m a motherfucking blogging superhero!!! Because it’s all about me you know!

The kind folks at have voted me into the Top 100 Sex Blogging Superheroes of 2013! Yay! Go and check out the list for a bunch of other sexy bloggers (quite a few of the top ones are sex toy review blogs, so if that’s your thing, lots of goodies there).

I’ll just leave my shiny superhero badge here, along with my cape and my over-underwear…

Kinkly Top 100 Blogger Badge

Loves: 6
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  1. Yay on attaining superhero status. Of course, I have known all along that you were. It’s a heart warming thing to know that the others are finally figuring that out.

    Congrats and YAAAAY!!!

    1. I think my super hero get up is a sarong. But I can’t possibly be photographed in it. My anonymity, dahliiing!

      Oh… hold on. I think I got that wrong.

      *goes to look up super hero manual…*


  2. Eeeeww. Arm fell off boy reminds me of the kid in primary school who had to wear a helmet all the time to cover up the gaping hole in his skull caused by a car crash. He was the biggest bully in the playground, and would come around with his burly protectors threatening to expose his ugly hole to intimidate people.

    Congratulations at joining this illustrious band of suuupa herooos! Go ooorn, showus!

    1. That is a strangely hilarious and disturbing story. Those are the best kinds.

      Hole In Head Boy would be a most excellent super hero: “Stop that crime, or I will make you look at this hole in my head!!”.

      Thanks for the congrats!


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