Things we did and things we did not do…

Play with bambi

Things we did: A list.

  • kissing
  • body washing
  • flogging
  • tease and denial
  • short term chastity
  • caning
  • paddling
  • spanking
  • edging
  • arse play
  • punching
  • nipple clamps
  • more kissing
  • bondage (rope)
  • cuffs & clips
  • body worship
  • wartenberg wheel
  • toenail polish
  • blindfold
  • wrestling
  • domestic service
  • biting
  • more kissing
  • sex (oral, PIV, hand jobs, fingers)
  • cuddling
  • cock sucking (Realdoe)
  • petting
  • face slapping
  • hair pulling

Things we did not do: A list.

  • more of ALL of the above: harder, different, softer, sideways, backwards, longer, slower, faster, more intense, MOAR… JUST MOAR…
  • … also, loads of OTHER stuff…



More things we did:

  • waxing (him)
  • steel claw
  • body writing

Loves: 15
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  1. ughh internet ate me! I mean my comment that is!

    Very HOT List!!! And can NEVER have too much MOAR!

    ■ body worship

    *mutters* Some people get to be so damn lucky ~winks~

    Love the list! Although one had to look up, and no I won’t say which one. ~grins~


    1. MOAR is always better!!!

      “Some people get to be so damn lucky ~winks~”

      *laugh* I wasn’t sure if that was quite the right term… Kissing me all over, starting at my toes: that has to come close though *smile*.

      “no I won’t say which one”

      But but… which one? I’d guess wartenberg wheel…


      1. “Kissing me all over, starting at my toes: that has to come close though *smile*.”

        See previous statement about some people get to be so damn lucky! lol

        “But but… which one? I’d guess wartenberg wheel…”

        ~laughs~ Yes you would be guessing right. That obvious huh lol


  2. I knew the wheel but PIV?

    sex (oral, PIV, hand jobs, fingers)
    PIV Personal Identity Verification (FIPS 201)
    PIV Pentium 4
    PIV Particle Image Velocimetry
    PIV Personal Identification Verification
    PIV Peak Inverse Voltage
    PIV Peripheral IV
    PIV Phase IV (clinical studies)
    PIV Post Indicator Valve (firefighting)
    PIV Physical Inventory Verification
    PIV Powered Industrial Vehicle
    PIV Positively Infinitely Variable (type of gearbox)
    PIV positive input ventilation
    PIV Post Implementation Verification
    PIV Propellant Isolation Valve
    PIV Pontoon Implantment Vehicle
    PIV Pre-Inventory Visit
    PIV Product Improvement Verification
    PIV Pressure-Indicating Valve

    The mind boggles


    1. *laugh* You do not need to know this because you are a lesbian and this is heterosexist business!!

      PIV – Penis In Vagina

      The term (and acronym) coined because too many people refer to ‘sex’ and really only mean PIV because apparently nothing else counts as ‘sex’. They call everything else ‘foreplay’, thereby implying that PIV is the end goal AND THE WAY TO DO TEH SEX.

      And when you (and by ‘you’, I mean ‘me’) don’t come from PIV sex, trust me, it ain’t the main game and if I don’t do it (for me, it’s completely optional), I’m actually STILL ‘having sex’.


      1. When Jalan and I are hitting our rhythm, I think of it as having sex all the time. Even if nobody else would see anything, our interactions are foreplay at the very least.

        1. “I think of it as having sex all the time.”

          *laugh* This conjures up all sorts of interesting mental images, but I do know what you mean by that.

          When you are walking around in the world seeming normal, but everything is crackling all of the time. Yum.


  3. Because I write sometimes about “enforced” chastity, I find that I often need to use the term PIV because a lot of people get really confused about the “having sex” part. As in “You said you were having sex? But I thought that you were wearing a chastity device?”

    More to the point, many people (erroneously) still think of “foreplay” as the few minutes that lead up to the PIV. We prefer to think that it’s pretty much *all* foreplay until your clothes are off, and then it’s sex. Or something like that.

    1. Yes, I get irritated by the definition of ‘sex’ as ‘penis in vagina’ because it negates how my sexuality works. Some of my best sexual experiences didn’t involve a penis at all, so if we weren’t ‘having sex’ for all of those hours that included all of those orgasms, then what *were* we doing?

      ‘Sex’ has become another term that needs to be defined by the people involved in a conversation, and that’s not a bad thing because it’s a conversation worth having (particularly important when you are negotiating what is and isn’t on the table with someone), but the assumption many make still bugs the hell out of me.


      1. I define sex as all the good stuff I have been missing lately *hmmpphh!* lol


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