I woke this morning thinking of you, restless. In my head I felt like an animal pacing a cage, restless. Couldn’t breathe, coming up from sleep with this violence in my mind.

I want you at my feet and I want to hurt you. I don’t have a focus, just hurt, I want you on the floor, whimpering.

The thought of you being there made me so fucking wet, I was breathing heavily with the image of it. Cruelly pinching your nipples until your eyes tear up, fist in your hair forcing your head to the ground, making you lick things, the ground, my feet, I don’t care, it’s the licking. My foot on your face, too much pressure, you squirming, not wanting to move away, knowing I need you there, and still the licking.

Grabbing your hair in my fist, hard, pulling, awkward, your neck twisted, lifting your face to me. Shoving my fingers into your mouth, feeling soft, wet, holding your head still, making you gag, watching you struggle to breath, eyes tearing.

Slapping your face, watching your eyes even as they register alarm and hurt, and again. Nipples again, I know you love that, but I want it to hurt badly, like they are going to come right off your body, or you wish they would. I want you to moan with pain and struggle not to twist away, and I know you would do that for me.

I don’t want to use things, I want to hurt you with my hands, my mouth. Biting you, hard, leaving marks, blood, licking it. Pinching soft flesh as hard as I can, the inside of your arms, your inner thighs, your balls, your cock.

I want tears and inarticulate helpless noises and whimpering and melting and an edge of panic and hurt in your eyes. I’m incredibly aroused with wanting this, to hurt you.

Come here and beg me to hurt you.

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  1. Dear SX,The honesty in your writing, the descriptions of thoughts that we are always told to supress astonish me.The hunger is palpable, the erotic tangible, the talent inestimable!!longing for more.regards and repect always, brendan!

  2. lizard27: Thank you… ‘blown away’ is a great reaction. I’m glad you liked it.henry: Yes, this one does kind of hurt doesn’t it? I do love that. And you are very welcome.brendan: Thank you for that lovely comment, I appreciate it. And don’t worry, there will be more… I’m not done just yet.Ferns

  3. Hi from Israel:)
    Just come across your blog (from Fetlife)and went back to the beginning to read it all!
    Wonderful writing, can’t stop reading, you inspire me.
    Thank you!

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